Why I went Vegan…

My eating habits isn't something I have spoken about much through this blog, but a little while ago I decided to go Vegan with a friend. This was met with mixed feelings from the people around me, and mostly confusion. Why did I do this? How was I keeping up with it? What have I … Continue reading Why I went Vegan…


Long Distance Moving Tips

It's no secret that this year I made a big move, and it has been a major part of my year & content so far. Now my move is certainly not classed as long distance for most people, but for my little country self it's been a big move! This is actually my second big … Continue reading Long Distance Moving Tips

4 Fact Survey

Thanks Ruby for my nomination to do the 4 Fact Survey! I thought this would be a nice little follow on from my 25 Facts post, for anyone who wants to get to know me! The Rules: – Answer the questions – Nominate 4 people to answer the same questions Four names people call me other than … Continue reading 4 Fact Survey