Back on Youtube!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick one today to mention that I am back on Youtube! I made it my mission to post a video every week this year, and so far so good! I’ve been back since January and it’s all going great so far.

If your not already following me on Youtube you can find me under the username Cosy Caitlin (or via the video below 😉 and please do subscribe if you like my videos!

I will try my best to be a little more active on here, but for now I am really enjoying filming & editing, so please bear with me. There are some exciting changes coming to both my blog & youtube in the next few weeks so keep an eye pealed for those!

Love, Hannah xxx

Let’s talk about…

I want to start a new feature on my blog called ‘Let’s talk about..’ where I can talk about anything and everything!

I want to cover many topics in this feature, from typical everyday things (healthy eating and exercise) to those things we feel uncomfortable talking about (how much does a bikini wax really hurt?!). I want to cover the things I enjoy reading about, and the things I wish more people would talk about!

I know a lot of those who read my blog are a similar age to me or younger, so if there’s anything you want me to cover or you have anything to input into these posts then please let me know! I’ll be starting this feature in the next few weeks so keep an eye pealed!

Hannah xxx

Mini Book Haul

The last few months I have really got back into reading. Getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things and something I look forward to even more when I am getting ready to head on holiday! Instead of just reading on a night before bed (my current routine) I spend all day reading instead and can easily read several books during my time on holiday!


If you look through my amazon wishlist you will see that its basically filled with books. Last week I took the opportunity to order some off my list, 2 to read at home and 2 for my holiday (the rest I will load onto my kobo electronic book). When deciding which books to buy 2 were a no-brainer as I have recently been to see Me Before You in cinemas (if you haven’t seen this please do, its so good!) and discovered there was a sequel! For the second set I went purely on Zoe Sugg’s suggestions, Everything Everything is included in her book club and she has spoken about Finding Audrey on several occasions, plus Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors!

Buying books makes me so happy, I’m a very have and hold person so having a physical book is something I love. These shiny new books are currently sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read and catching my eye every time I walk past! Obviously I cannot review these yet as I haven’t even read the first pages, but if you would like me to do this once I have read them let me know!

Now the hard bit is deciding which to read first…

Hannah xxx

Cielo Blanco Leeds ~ Review

Hello everyone, hope you are well!

Today I’m writing another new style of post for my blog, which is a restaurant review. I hope you enjoy!

Going out to eat is one of my favourite things to do when I meet with friends, I think its so much better than going on a night out or even going to the cinema (I mean, you cant talk!). Once I left my weekend job, it free’d up some time for me to meet one of my friends who I only ever saw at work. Before I worked so much we used to go into Leeds, do a little shopping and head for lunch. Now we can start doing that again we jumped at the chance, and headed to our favourite eatery in Leeds!


Cielo Blanco is a Mexican restaurant that is on the top floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre, tucked away in a corner. It has both completely indoor, outdoor (within the shopping centre) and totally outdoor seating which means you have a good choice. It is decorated really nicely, with little trees and fairy lights which really makes you feel comfortable.

On this occasion, we sat indoors at one of the booths which was really spacious and not cramped too close to the next door booth. Firstly we ordered drinks, I ordered the Watermelon Cooler and my friend went for a simple lemonade (tip: they do not have ‘standard’ soft drinks on the drinks menu, but as long as you ask you can still get one!). The drinks menu is one of my favourites, it has great choices for soft drinks as well as alcoholic, and I love that they do juices!

Once we had ordered our drinks and were given our complimentary tortilla chips and dip (yummy!) we turned our attention to the food menu. This can be a complicated menu to work out, however the staff will happily explain how it works to you if you ask. They do separate main courses like burritos and salads, however our favourite part to order from is the Street Food menu. This is where you choose 6 dishes to share between you (with a minimum of 2 people sharing). We love doing this as we can try lots of different dishes and share them between us. We have some standards that we get every time (I can never say no to the fish tacos!) however we always try to order some new pieces to try. On this visit we ordered:
Fish Tacos
Sweet Pepper Tacos
Spicy Roots Tostadas
Chorizo Picante & Potato Tostadas
Smokey Chicken Enchilada
Potato, Cheese and Fresh Herb Flautas

Our food arrived very quickly and all at once, which meant we didn’t have to sit around and wait for some of the dishes. The food was the right temperature to dig straight into and was so so delicious. Every dish was seasoned perfectly and was a great size. Once we had eaten all we could we asked for take away cartons which were given to us very quickly and allowed us to package up our own food. This meant that nothing was going to waste and my dad got to try all the dishes (that were left) too!

I honestly cannot praise Cielo Blanco enough, their customer service is great and I really cannot fault the food. It is by far my favourite place to eat in Leeds and will always be out first lunch choice when we meet up!

If you want to see the full menu click here to head to their website. Please do go give them a try if you fancy something a little different and a great experience!

Hannah xxx

Life Update…

Hello you lovely people, how are you all?!

I thought this week I would do a little life update, as things have changed since my last one. I love reading about what people have going on in their lives, and I want to look back on my blog and remember what happened during these times.

So, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that a few weeks back I tweeted that something exciting had happened. Once I was unemployed I did some part time work for a beauty spa, and after a week and a half of this I was offered a permenant position! I had loved my time there so I am very excited to be starting this next chapter of my career and enjoying every minute! Thankfully this also means Manicure Monday will be making a return, so keep an eye out for that too!

Last weekend I took the oppertunity of having spare time and went back down to Kent (where I went to university) to spend the weekend with my best friend. I haven’t seen her for 6 months, and after everything that had gone on it was a well needed trip! I loved being back down and spending time with her, from the shopping trips to watching films. On Sunday we went to the beach I frequently went to when I wanted to get out of my house-share (a 15 minute walk from the house) and sat with ice creams chatting & watching the waves. It was a lovely relaxing end to the weekend, and I can’t wait to spend time with her on holiday this summer!

So that’s what’s been going on with me! Next week I will be back to my usual posts, but just wanted to give a little update.

Hannah xxx

May Favourites ~ 2016

I’m back to making videos! I thought I’d give it another shot now I have some more spare time, so here is my first video back, my May Favourites! I know I’m a little late this month, but I wanted to make sure I got the video out at the same time!
I hope you enjoy the video, please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for videos or blog posts.

Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Vaseline Rosy Lips
Clarins Matte Pure and Radient Mask
The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Girl Online, On Tour

What have you been loving this month?

Hannah xxx

My 2016 Summer Goals


I cant quite get my head around the fact it’s June and were already halfway through the year. I feel like it’s all gone so fast and it wont be 2 minutes until I’m writing halloween and Christmas posts again!

I thought that since I’ve had a lot going on these few weeks I would make some summer goals that I would like to achieve (plus, who dosent like a good list!)

~ Get a job (boring, I know, but a very important one!)
~ Appreciate the things around me more
~ Make the most of every day
~ Do more yoga
~ Spend more time and be more patient with my grandparents
~ Treat myself more
~ Spend more time with friends
~ Cook and bake more

Not the longest list but some bits I really want to achieve these next few months, so lets hope!

I hope you all enjoy your summer, have you got any goals?

Hannah xxx