Sunglasses Collection

I decided last week I wanted to start adding some summer blog posts, while the sun was shining and I was happily wearing shorts around the house. Right now, as I sit down to write this post, I am looking out on grey skies with rain bursting through every few minutes. So I apologise, but you can always come back to this when the sun is back!


Now, as you can tell from the above picture I don’t have many sunglasses, so I use the term ‘collection’ very lightly. As I live in the UK and don’t go abroad every few months I do not like spending my money on loads of sunglasses when I can use it for other things. This said, all of my sunglasses are from designers, however I never pay full price for them. I always get them from discount stores, or with a voucher I have been sent. I’ll explain where each pair is from and the price, so here we go…


Betsey Johnson ~ Black Sunnies
These were the first real pair of sunglasses I bought after years of getting super cheap ones from Primark or Flea Markets in the USA. I got these from Marshalls, a store like TK Maxx in the USA. Online Betsey Johnson sunglasses retail for around $75, I paid around $15-25 for this pair! I got them back in 2012 and they are still in perfect condition, I like these if I want black sunnies rather than brown.

Oscar de la Renta ~ Tortoise Shell Sunnies
These sunnies are my go-to. They sit in my car all year round as I can slip them on really easily when driving. I find this shape and colour really suits my face shape and complexion as they are not too harsh. Oscar de la Renta sunglasses retail online for around $200-300, but again I only paid $15-25 for these from Marshalls and they have lasted me 2 years of frequent wear perfectly!

Miss KG ~ Tortoise Shell and Coral Sunnies
My Miss KG sunglasses are my most recent purchase as I only got them a couple of weeks ago. This time instead of a discount store I got them from Boots, but again didn’t pay full price! In fact I didn’t pay a penny.. These sunglasses retail for £30 but because I have a Boots advantage card I got a voucher for 50% off, and I also had a £15 voucher for them! I love these as they have a pop of colour on the arms and are a lovely shape.


I know I don’t have loads, but I really love all of the sunnies I own! I’m sure when I go back to Florida this summer I’ll be coming back with at least one more pair if not more!

Hannah xxx

My everyday jewellery

Jewellery is something that I have always liked, but always ended up sat in a case in my room not getting worn. Now that I am no longer at uni, and in a full time job, I decided to start wearing a bit more jewellery every day. I now rarely leave the house without wearing these pieces! Of course these are just for everyday, i.e work, but I do change it up depending on the event etc!
The necklace I wear every day is an engraved Tiffany & Co heart necklace. I got this for my graduation from my parents and brother, and think I have worn it most days since! It has the standard Tiffany & Co heart with their imprint design on and then a second heart which has HCL on. I love this necklace and it is such a lovely touch to every outfit. Simple and elegant!
I went from wearing 1 ring to 4 within the space of a month. Some people may think this is a bit ott, but it works for me and I enjoy wearing them all!
I’ll start with what I wear on my left hand; Pandora Heart ring and Pandora Birthstone ring with Amethyst in. The heart ring my parents got me for my 20th birthday while I was away at uni, and my brother got me the birth stone ring for my 19th birthday.
On my right hand; Tiffany & Co band ring and Pandora dimond band. The Tiffany & Co ring (can you tell I’m obsessed?!) was my first piece of Tiffany jewellery which my aunt got me for my 21st birthday. The Pandora band is my most recent, which I bought myself. I wanted to treat myself to something I could wear everyday to remind me of my hard work.
My weekly extras
As well as the items above I also wear a Fossil watch on a weekend for my weekend job. I don’t like wearing things on my wrists during the week as I work on a computer and it makes so much noise!
As well as these items, I also have all my piercing jewellery, however I think thats a blog for another time as there are quite a few!
What jewellery do you wear every day?
Hannah xxx

Matalan Spring Haul

Matalan is one of those places that I feel isn’t spoken about as much as it should be. For those who haven’t heard of Matalan, it is a clothing store in the UK which also sells homeware. It can be quite hit and miss, but for the quality and price (think in-between Primark and New Look) it really is great! Its somewhere my family have been shopping for a while, and both my mum and I are black card holders.
I got an email through about a month ago, inviting me to their new season opening event (Spring 2016) and I knew I wanted to go! Its been a while since I did a bit of shopping there, so I grabbed my mum and grandma and off we went!
I got a few different pieces which I have listed below. All together, I didn’t pay more than £60, which for what I got is amazing!
Their Spring range this year is lovely, they have pieces you can wear in the UK and bits you can take abroad, and I know we will be going again before our holiday!
Black pumps – £10
Pink pumps – £15
Cushion – £6
Hanging hearts – £3 each
Hannah xxx

Favourite Look ~ February 2016

February has been a strange month, the weather hasn’t been able to make its mind up which has made it fairly difficult choosing one certain look! Although I am a little early posting this, we are already 3 weeks in to February and I have been reaching for this look so much already!
My black Topshop jeans (although after a years worth of washes they are much more grey than black!) go with anything, and I find them a staple at this time of year. These have been interchanged with leggings on days where I need a bit more comfort while sitting at my desk, and I have been teaming them with my oversized grey jumper from Primark. I bought this as I really liked the straight cut on the neck, and its super comfortable. I can happily wear a vest top underneath to give me an extra layer, and it keeps me warm in the office and when I’m driving! I always wear my black ankle boots from Matalan with this outfit as they keep my feet warm and go really well with the black jeans. To finish this outfit off I like swapping my usual everyday necklace with a statement one, and the necklace I have specifically loving this moth is a silver and blue one that my grandparents got me from a market in Belgium a few years ago. I like that with all the black and grey I can add a pop of colour which compliments the jumper nicely!
What outfit have you been reaching for more than others this month?
Hannah xxx

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What I got for Christmas 2015 ~ My first ever YouTube video!

I was very lucky this year and got to spend the entire Christmas period at home with my family rather than arriving the weekend before Christmas. I was also lucky in that I got some gorgeous gifts, all of which I am very grateful for!

I decided to pick out some gifts I thought you would be interested to see!


I’ve actually filmed my first ever YouTube video where I went through the items I picked and talked through them even more, so if you would like a bit more information please check it out! 🙂

Hannah xxx

November Favourites ~ 2015


Its now December, and although I am very excited I also find myself wondering how we are here already?!

That means its time for a November Favourites post, my first I believe, so what have I been loving this month?



YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush, N°6 Rouge Libertine – This stuff is so great! Unfortunately I do not have the colouring to be able to pull off red lipstick, something which really annoys me at this time of year, however this is the perfect dark red shade! This has been my go-to lip shade for meals out, get togethers and anything just a bit dressier than normal. 

Maybelliene Wet Look Lipstick – This is years old, I mean I can’t even remember when I bought it! I found it when getting rid of some old handbags, and thought it may have dried up. But nope, its still working perfectly! Its a gorgeous brown/nude shade which I wear on an everyday basis for work. I’m really hoping they still sell this cause otherwise I will be very upset when I run out!



Primark Shirt Jumper – I’ve never been too sure about the shirt/jumper combos on me, but my gosh I love it!! This was only £10 from Primark and I really wish I had the time to go back and buy more. Its perfect for work as its warm and comfortable whilst also looking smart. I even wore this for 2 interviews this month with the shirt part tucked into a pencil skirt, which also looked great!

Tartan scarf – Unfortunately this isn’t something I can say ‘you need this in your life, go buy it!’ as I got it from a market in Malta while I was on holiday (odd I know, on a summer holiday and buying scarves!). Its a lightweight tartan scarf that looks great with everything and adds that christmassy feel to an outfit. 



Earl Grey tea – When I was offered this at work a while ago I was a little worried about trying it, but now its a staple afternoon drink for me! The floral side taste to earl grey is amazing, and just makes my afternoon that little sweeter!


What have been your favourites from last month? Let me know!

Hannah xxx