Hi I’m Hannah, the writer of this blog! I’m a 24 year old Yorkshire lass living in London and working in the design industry. I love spending time with my friends, binging Netflix shows and am slowly growing back into my love of cooking and baking. This blog (and my linked YouTube channel) covers a wide range of lifestyle topics, from clothing and beauty to mental health and fitness. I want to make my viewers and readers feel included in my life as well as have something to look back on myself!

The Story
CosyCaitlin started 5 years ago while I sat in my university bedroom thinking of something I wanted to do with my spare time. One evening my new blog was live (I can’t even remember the name, whoops!) and few sporadic posts later my original blog was forgotten, until 3 years ago. After moving home from university I found myself with a lot of spare time and the urge to do something creative. Fast forward a year, and a big rebrand, CosyCaitlin was something I started up and was loving contributing to.

Along with my blog I made the decision to start a YouTube channel, something that terrified and excited me at the same time. With my blog I was safe looking at a screen and tapping away on the keyboard, on video I was there for the internet to see and share. Starting my channel was one of the best decisions I have made, and I love creating visual content in the form of videos and interacting with viewers, I feel like you get a better view of someone through video!

My Background
I grew up in West Yorkshire with my family, and after 15 years in our family home we added our two fluff balls! Back in 2012, after finishing college, I moved over 300 miles away from home to start university in Kent. This was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made and proved to be one of the most challenging times in my life. I came out of the other end with a better understanding of myself, new confidence and of course my degree!
Only a couple of weeks after moving back home to Yorkshire I went in to working a full time design job. Due to complications with this job I moved on after 6 months and worked in the beauty industry for 2 years.
At the beginning of 2018 I realised that being up north wasn’t right for me, so I quickly came to the decision to move to London. After a couple of weeks applying for jobs and flat hunting I moved to the big city, the biggest and most spontaneous decision of my life!
I am currently still living in London and working back in the design industry. I love where I live, my job and the friends I have around me. I have (dramatically) changed as a person in the best way possible and am loving documenting this through my channels. I’ve had a whirlwind 7 months, and can’t wait to see what happens next…

I am PR Friendly and can be contacted at cosycaitlin@gmail.com or through any of my social accounts which can be viewed here.

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