30 Things Before 30 ~ 25th Birthday Update!

Now before I go into my 30 Before 30 list, lets take a moment to reflect on the fact that I am now 25 years old. Now, for most people reading this its really not that big of a deal, but I still can’t quite get my head around it! I’m a quarter of a century old. To some people I should have my s**t together by now (lol, not a chance!), but in my head I’m still so young! Anyway, enough of that..

In my 24th year I achieved a lot. I cannot actually stress how much I have achieved in the last year. Unfortunately, most of it was not on this list! But oh well, I’ve still ticked some things off & had a bloody good year!

  1. Visit New York (23)
  2. Own a Mulberry item
  3. Stay in a treehouse
  4. Go to Edinburgh tattoo
  5. See Stonehenge
  6. Have a mini (23)
  7. Upload 100 YouTube videos
  8. Move out (23)
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Go to a big food festival
  11. Spend a long weekend somewhere in Europe
  12. Stay in a 5* hotel
  13. Have my makeup done by a professional
  14. Travel alone
  15. Go on a girls only holiday
  16. Have a spa weekend
  17. Throw a dinner party
  18. Move to a different city/town (23)
  19. Have my own pet
  20. Go to the races
  21. Bring in the new year doing something fun and different
  22. Cut my hair into a lob or bob for the first time (24)
  23. See a theatre show
  24. Go to an event in London
  25. Try a new career path (24)
  26. Fly in a helicopter
  27. Have dinner at a 5* restaurant
  28. Face a fear (heights! 24)
  29. Go to a comedy show (24)

(still need some suggestions for my last one, if you have any ideas let me know!)

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