1 Year in London

Writing the title of this blog post is so surreal to me. Although it seems like I’ve lived in this big city for years, it also feels like just last week that I was packing up my room at home ready for a new adventure. I’ve said previously that this move was the scariest and riskiest decision of my life, but it has paid off in such a big way.

I’m not going to write a long, rambley blog post outlining everything from the last year. Instead I’m going to write a list, because if theres one thing I still love its a list (haha). So below is a list of everything I’ve learnt, gained and done in the last year!


Before I go into it all, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved in my last year. To my amazingly supportive family & friends – who I’ve grown even closer to – for putting up with every one of my stupid decisions, breakdowns & been there for all the good too. My new friends in London who I cant believe I’ve only known for such short periods of time & have so much fun with. Even the f**kboys who’ve taught me a harsh lesson in picking myself back up after a throwback (thank u, next!). I’ve bloody loved the last year, and I cant wait to see what the next holds!


  • I learnt to live on my own again
  • I can still cook some pretty decent meals!
  • Exploring such a big city can’t be done in your first month. Take your time & try do something fun as often as you can, you’ll never run out of options!
  • Grew even stronger friendships with my best friends. I honestly can’t even put into words how much I love & value them. They’ve been there with me every step of the way and been complete rocks ❤
  • Watched my gorgeous honouree nephew grow into a cheeky little monkey! I melt everytime he asks for me and wants to include me in things.
  • I value my family an insane amount, more than I thought possible. My parents are some of my best friends, talking to my grandparents makes my heart so full and having a laugh with my brother & sister-in-law is amazing. I bloody love them.
  • I appreciate green areas so much more. I love finding a little hidden walk around a cute park and being surrounded by trees.
  • My music taste has changed even more, something I didn’t think was possible! New friends & surroundings have had a big influence on me.
  • Grown as a person. so much.
  • Got back into the dating scene. Had my heart thrown around. Picked it back up & learnt that I can only grow.
  • Drunk more wine than I thought possible.
  • I finally got back into a career based job, and found out I’m actually a better designer than I thought.
  • Bit the bullet & tacked my mental health head on. There still more work to do, but I’ve made a decent start.
  • Found out that a 5’1″ girl can make a kingsize bed on her own.
  • Leant to love the journey, from big changes to tiny things.

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