6 Months in London…

How is it August already, and where has the last few months gone?! When I looked at my blog plan and saw that it was time to write this post I couldn’t believe it, how have I lived in London for 6 months already?? Now I know, 6 months isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, but I do feel live I have lived here for years with how much I have settled in. Now to remember what I have been up too…

So other than having many friends down to visit, as well as my family, not much else new has really happened. To quickly recap; I still love my job, I’m loving exploring this city, I’m learning to spend time on my own and overall I’m just loving my life! Nothing too exciting but I feel like I am officially settled in to London life and I’m still loving every minute of it.
I guess very quickly I should mention that in the 3 months since I wrote my last recap I started seeing someone (I know right, who’d have thought it?!). It has since broken down, however a fair amount of the gaps I had in social plans were filled spending time with the Londoner. I’m not writing this so that I can get some sympathy (I’m actually doing even better than before, soz babes!) but just so that when I look back on these blogs I can remember this little part of my life.


Okay so on to the exciting things I have managed to see in London! Because of my new job and being able to have friends down over weekends I have been able to explore more and with my favourite people!
One of my favourite places to visit is London Zoo, and I made a day of it when one of my amazing friends from ‘up north’ came down. I love visiting London Zoo as I always make sure to walk from Camden, meaning not only do I get to wander through the market & get some amazing food, but I also get to walk down the canal which is just gorgeous. Luckily we went on a super nice day so managed to soak up some vitamin D too, and my friends fell in love with Camden! We took so many pictures and I just love how colourful they all are and how happy we look.


Another friend visiting meant another weekend exploring, and again we took advantage of the nice weather. I’ve been to London Bridge quite a few times, however I’ve never walked down the river before. Since my friend introduced me to this and all the sights to see on the way, this has become one of my favourite walks in the city and I have done this a couple of times on my own for a fun bit of exercise. There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own city!


Live music is one of my favourite things, and concerts are one of my happy places. In July I actually managed to go to 2, and both open air concerts which were amazing! I went with one of my best friends to see Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift and *wow*  both concerts were amazing! The atmosphere was incredible and nothing really beats having a sing and dance without a care in the world, plus I got to catch up with Jenna after months of not seeing her!


As well as spending more time in London I’ve also been taking every opportunity I can to visit my best friend in Kent to spend time with her and her son. Not only does this mean gorgeous beach days (I may have taught Alexander to throw stones, whoops!) and bestie catch up’s over sushi, but also visiting the areas where I went to uni. Hilariously we tried to throw a mini-reunion for our course and only 3 of us turned up, plus a toddler and dog! This actually turned out to be one of my favourite days this year spent with 2 of my best friends, my favourite little sausage dog and of course Alexander. I mean really if anyone else had been there (apart from a select few) it would have ruined the day, but shh don’t tell anyone that!

So I guess that’s a pretty good recap of the last few months. Lots of time with friends, new adventures and a whole lot of enjoying myself! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds…

Hannah xxx

I did also film a life update video which you can see here.

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