Why I went Vegan…

My eating habits isn’t something I have spoken about much through this blog, but a little while ago I decided to go Vegan with a friend. This was met with mixed feelings from the people around me, and mostly confusion. Why did I do this? How was I keeping up with it? What have I actually achieved? Seen as becoming Vegan is becoming more and more popular I thought I would do a little blog post to explain my change.

So why did I do it? I’ve thought about becoming Vegan (or plant based) for a while, but because I was living at home with my parents and didn’t cook for myself I knew it would be too tricky to make this change at home. Once I moved out and started living on my own it became much easier to change my eating habits, and with a little push from a friend who had just recently gone Vegan I made the change. To put it into perspective, I didn’t just go cold turkey! I haven’t eaten red meat in 12 years, and so this was a natural next step for me. I was curious to see what health benefits this would have for me, and of course all of the economical affects it could have too.

The first week was tricky, I craved chocolate and cheese and ‘normal’ meals, but I powered through and things got much easier. I started making my usual home comfort meals from scratch using only plant based ingredients, tried new things and fell in love with cooking again. Going out for meals could be difficult, but I just made little changes to meals so they were suitable for me and carried on, it all worked out!
I continued to be 100% plant based for around 2 months, then I caved and had cheese. The same friend who helped me make this change also helped me undo it, however it was 100% my choice both ways! I had a bit of a binge after this. I was still strict with some things, but cheese was back on the table as well as the odd chocolate, but I didn’t go overboard. However, even this little change made a big affect to my health. My skin which had cleared up with the absence of dairy started playing up again, I was bloated and fatigued daily and craved only unhealthy food. After some time back in my family home I decided to do an 80/20 split. For the majority of the time, and when I could have full control, I would continue with my Vegan diet, however when I felt like it or was out with friends etc I would indulge without guilt.

So far this change is working for me. I tend to eat exclusively Vegan Monday-Friday and then have a few dairy treats on a weekend if I am out with friends. These little changes mean that my health & skin aren’t affected as much, and I am (hopefully) still helping somewhat with the environment whilst still being able to really enjoy my food and time with friends. I have learnt to really enjoy eating only plant-based, and my chocolate and cheese craving has gone down significantly!

I know there will be people who want to judge me for this change, but it is my decision. I also never force my views on other people, I believe everyone is allowed their own opinion and lifestyle. This is mine, and everyone else is welcome to their own! I just wanted to share my little journey with you all. I am wanting to do more ‘What I Eat..’ videos on my channel so I thought this would be a good form of explanation for my strange eating habits!

Hannah xxx

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