Summer Body Must-Have’s

The weather in England has been surprisingly nice, and for a continuous period of time. I know, I’m just as shocked as you! Once the sun started showing up I made a few changes to my routine to start getting ‘summer ready’, and these are the products I’m currently using & loving.

I don’t tend to change many of my in-shower products for the seasons, but one thing I do reach for a little more is an exfoliator. I am currently using the Soap and Glory **NAME** and I am really enjoying using it. As with every S&G product it smells lovely, and it does such a good job at keeping my skin soft and prepped for moisturiser.

It’s important to keep your skin moisturised throughout the year, but I like to switch up the products I use once it gets a little warmer. I swap out my thick all over moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser and one thinner in consistency. My current favourite tinted moisturiser is the Dove Summer Glow, which I use on my legs (they always seem to be 10x paler than the rest of my body, how?!). It soaks into the skin really well, leaves a lovely colour and I am yet to notice any patches! For the rest of my body I will just reach for anything I have in my drawer that’s not too thick. Currently I am using the **NAME** which smells *incredible*. This also soaks into the skin really nicely and my skin feels lovely the day after.

I know, its sandal season and I am so unprepared too *insert facepalm emoji*. I have been frantically trying to get my feet in shape the last few months by using the Soap and Glory Heel Genius. I put this on after I have showered (I lather it on actually) and then pop some socks on for a few hours. I’ve found this helps the product soak in and you really do feel the benefit of it! I am yet to find a product for my feet that I love, but this one is pretty good!

What products are you reaching for in the lead up to summer?

Hannah xxx


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