Spring Essentials

I can’t believe its nearly the end of April and I am only just writing about Spring, it feels like its been a long time coming in the UK!

Spring is one of my favourite times of year, especially here in the UK. For me it’s all about thinking its nice and warm thanks to the sun making an appearance so thinking you can have a cheeky BBQ, then ending up in big jumpers & wrapped in blankets by 7pm. It’s waking up and spending an extra 5 minutes laid in bed listening to the birds sing or finally cracking the sunglasses out along with lighter coloured clothes. I always think of Spring & Summer as the social months, and I am excited to see what fun things I do!

With this change is season it also means a change in other things. Skincare, fashion & makeup all get a fun switch-around, whether that be buying new items or pulling a classic out of the back of your wardrobe. I thought this week I would share some of my Spring essentials that have been making an appearance again in the last few weeks.

Skincare & Makeup


Decleor Neroli Serum:
I use a serum all year round, but I always this step when it gets to spring. I love this serum as its super lightweight but really works.
Garnier Micellar Water:
I love a good cleansing balm, but once the sun is out and it starts to get a bit warmer I want something much lighter to take my makeup off. This micellar water doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes and removes everything needed for a first cleanse.
Decleor SPF 30:
SPF is important all year round, but this is the time of year I start to get stricter with myself. This isn’t the best SPF now I live in the city, and I am ready to try some new ones, but for now its the one I’m reaching for!
Avon Matte Lipstick, Pure Pink:
Spring means pinks! I love cracking this shade out, its subtle and super pretty.
Dior Foundation:
Lighter foundations seem to be replacing my heavy, full coverage ones at the minute and I’m happy about it! This is the one I’ve been using recently and I love it.
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette:
A bit of shimmer? Don’t mind if I do! I always like wearing eyeshadow but now the suns out and it really catches the shimmer on your lids its the perfect time to get it out.



Asos Midi Skirt:
I love any shape of skirt, but I find midi skirts particularly flattering. They’re great for Spring as once it starts to get cooler you shouldn’t be shivering!
Converse Blush Pink:
Converse are an all year trainer, but I love getting my blush ones out at this time of year. A pop of subtle colour is perfect for Spring.
Topshop Straight Cut Jeans:
Again, great all year round, but the cut and colour of these jeans is perfect for when the sun’s out. Pair them with converse and you’re good to go!
Bershka Graphic White Tee:
Tucked into a midi skirt, jeans, or under dungaree. You can’t go wrong with a graphic tee, and my wardrobe shows that!
Miss KG Sunglasses:
Sunglasses are something I hopelessly carry around with me all year round, but this time of year they start to creep up from the bottom of my bag.

What are your Spring essentials?

Hannah xxx

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