Hello Spring! ~ Manicure Monday

It’s back, and I’m excited about it! That goes for both Spring & the Manicure Monday feature on the blog!


Okay so my nails don’t look as ‘clean & crisp’ as they used to but that’s what happens when you go back to doing your own nails! For my birthday one of the only things I asked for was an at-home gel nail kit so I would be able to give myself a manicure at home at save a little bit of money! So, I am now armed with my very own Sensationail lamp & a handful of colours. So far so good, but we’ll see how it goes!

So yes, Manicure Monday is back, and my first colour choice to feature? It had to be this gorgeous salmon pink, from a brand I need to find the name of! I love this colour as it really adds a pop of colour to my outfits (which seem to be mainly black & white!) and every time I look down I’m reminded that Spring is finally here.

The only problem with doing your own nails is I’m already thinking about what colour to do next…

Hannah xxx

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