Hang-Up Gallery TYPE Preview Evening

A few weeks ago I attended the preview evening of the new TYPE exhibition at the Hang-Up gallery.

TYPE included work from artists such as Banksy & Harland Miller, set out in their lovely little gallery in several rooms. The art doesn’t feel crowded and the difference between each artist is great. I personally was looking forward to seeing Banksy’s work, and liked the fact that it was spread throughout different areas of the gallery rather than all being clumped together on one wall.


The evening itself was a lot of fun, and the first ever gallery preview evening I had been to! They were serving drinks in the downstairs gallery out of a quirky built-in bar and they had a photographer walking around capturing the evening. There was a great mixture of people there, and the atmosphere was fun. For my first preview evening it was such a good one!


I’m so glad I got to attend this event and see the amazing artwork in the gallery. I’m already looking forward to my next one!

Hannah xxx

To see more from Hang-Up gallery click here.
Artwork created by the artists (see above link for names & details), pictures by myself.

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