My First Month in London

Happy March!
The beginning of March marks 1 month since I moved to London, and wow what a month it has been! I’ve enjoyed this last month so much and still can’t quite get over the fact I have made such a big change with my life.


So I’m not going to go ahead and say that it has all been sunshine and rainbows, because moving 200 miles away from ‘home’ never will be. Although I have loved the move and do not regret it at all, I have had some very trying days and days where I have questioned my decision.


My first week went amazingly well. I settled into work and the London commuting lifestyle, saw 2 of my closest friends and went to my first low-key gig. The whirlwind of socialising and not stopping continued into my second week, and although I love it it did take its toll on me. I find it a bit difficult to balance my time, and although one of my reasons to move down was so I had more of a social life I do find it hard when I don’t have some downtime to myself. I decided to calm things down a little, and although I still socialised I really appreciated the time I got to spend sitting in bed watching youtube!


My third week felt a bit more organised, thankfully! Although there was some friction in my social life (I’m needy and things can get read wrong, I mean who dosent have to deal with this?!) I felt positive and started to get into a routine which was much needed. My third week also marked my 24th birthday, which I was very lucky to be able to spend with family and friends. This then lead on to my 4th week which was again spent with amazing friends. I got to see all 3 of my best friends to celebrate my birthday (again, any excuse for a glass of wine! haha!) and it even snowed in London! A highlight of my 4th week has to be walking around Shoredich in the snow and how eerily quiet it was. Amazing for a capital city!


I’ve included some pictures that I have taken throughout my first month in this post, so I am sorry they’re all jumbled up but I wanted to share them with you guys! I also filmed a couple of vlogs which you can find here and hereas well as my Why I Moved to London video which you can find here.


If you guys have any suggestions of fun things to do in London, or if you have a blogging group that meets up please let me know because I would love to meet some of you!
Hannah xxx

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