A Big Change…

You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter I have been a little sneaky about something big that is happening in my life. Well, the time has now come for me to share it with you all, and I am soso excited!

So, as of the 4th February 2018 I will officially be living & working in London!

I know, it’s really not that big of a thing for someone in their 20s to live in a big city, but for me (a good old country bumpkin) this is a big thing, & I am so excited about it! I’m moving from my quiet town in Yorkshire to live & work in the busiest city in the UK on my own. Scary I know, but such an exciting & well needed life change!

There are several reasons why I am making the big jump into city life, & I will be covering these in a video in the coming weeks. But for now I just wanted to share this super exciting news with you all! I have made a video of my little journey, which I will leave at the end of this post, but I will talk about everything else in a little while.

I am so excited to be making this change, & to document & share it with all of you guys. So, seen as I will be finding myself in such an exciting city, do you guys have any suggestions of things I should see/try/do?! Please let me know down in the comments below!

Hannah xxx

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