30 Things Before 30

A little while ago the topic of turning 30 came up at work, and with it the introduction (to me anyway!) of the 30 Things Before 30 list. It is exactly how it sounds, a list of 30 things you want to do before you turn 30. Now I know, I’m only 23, but I thought this was an excellent idea! It’s like having a bucket list, but an achievable one with a deadline. I immediately opened a new note on my phone and popped some bits down.

I wanted to share my own list on here so that I could look back on it. Every year on my birthday I am going to post this list with the things I have don’t that year crossed out so I can see myself achieving these things! As I mentioned above, these are things I know (hope!) are achieveable in this 7 year period, and things I can realistically make happen. ~ side note ~ I am aware that I have already completed some of these things, but I wanted to post the entirety of this list before I started crossing things off! My ‘updated’ list will be live on my birthday!

So, if your looking for some inspiration please do have a little look through my list below. Some things may seem a little silly or materialistic but they’re things I want to achieve! If you get chance, why not make a list like this for yourself? It’s so fun to set yourself little goals!

  1. Visit New York
  2. Own a Mulberry item
  3. Stay in a treehouse
  4. Go to Edinburgh tattoo
  5. See Stonehenge
  6. Have a mini
  7. Upload 100 YouTube videos
  8. Move out
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Go to a big food festival
  11. Spend a long weekend somewhere in Europe
  12. Stay in a 5* hotel
  13. Have my makeup done by a professional
  14. Travel alone
  15. Go on a girls only holiday
  16. Have a spa weekend
  17. Throw a dinner party
  18. Move to a different city/town
  19. Have my own pet
  20. Go to the races
  21. Take an online class
  22. Bring in the new year doing something fun and different
  23. Cut my hair into a lob or bob for the first time (ever!)
  24. See a theatre show
  25. Go to an event in London
  26. Try a new career path
  27. Fly in a helicopter
  28. Have dinner at a 5* restaurant
  29. ….

What would you include on your 30 before 30 list?!

Hannah xxx

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