Autumn/Winter Goals

I know you’ve heard it lots before, but autumn & winter are by far my favorite months. Sure I love the sun (on the rare occasion that we get it in the UK!) and longer days, but the cosyness of the latter seasons really wins me over. Saying that, I also find that my motivation quickly drops at this time of year, so I really wanted to write a list of goals that I want to achieve in a way to motivate myself.

I have seen quite a few people do this and I have really been enjoying reading them and getting some ideas. So here’s my list of all things big & small I want to do during the remaining few months of this year. 


~ Carve pumpkins
~ Make homemade soup
~ Bake seasonal treats (mince pies are some of my favorite things to make!)
~ Switch up my room, I want alllll the cosy vibes
~ Cook more
~ Have a mini bonfire
~ Finish Christmas shopping before December (hopeful I know haha!)
~ Vlog more, especially in December
~ See friends, no matter what the cost
~ Visit a Christmas market
~ Put more effort into my outfit choices
~ Get back into working out

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as the seasons go on, so please feel free to recommend any additions in the comments below too!

What is on your goal list to do this Autumn/Winter?

Hannah xxx

inspiration for this post is from x

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