London Mini-Break

Back in July my mum and I went on a long weekend trip to London. I never pass up a chance to visit the city as I love so many aspects of it! There is always something to see, do and take a lovely picture of. I vlogged our time there, I will leave the video at the bottom of this post, but also wanted to share some pictures from our trip too.

Our walk from Camden Market to London Zoo was so picturesque down the canal. I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of the funky boats and the canal.

LonS_03One of my favourite parts of London Zoo was the open monkey enclosure, such a cool feature!

Suprisingly I had never seen Changing of The Guard, so we took some time out to go and watch it. Luckily we chose a good spot and got a great view. Also couldn’t resist a cheeky selfie!

LonS_05We stayed at The Grosvenor Hotel at were so impressed. The hotel was lovely and the afternoon tea was so good too! This was our little treat before leaving for our train.

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures, I’m looking forward to looking back on these pictures to remind me of our lovely trip!

What did you guys get up to this summer?

Hannah xxx

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