Beauty Pie Makeup Review


Beauty Pie is an online retailer which sells makeup and skincare at factory cost for a monthly membership price (products can also be bought for full price without membership). Their no-nonsense approach to these items is great, products come in basic black packaging however this does not affect the product quality.

I have been trying out Beauty Pie makeup for a couple of months now. I have a couple of favourites from past trails (this foundation is uh-mazing) but I wanted to really test the products and so decided to do a full face of makeup challenge with BP products I have never used before. I filmed this test for my Youtube channel but wanted to review each product on here too.


Foundation ~ Incrediblur in Light 300
This is a lovely lightweight foundation, however that did mean for me that the coverage wasn’t great. I am suffering with bad skin at the moment so I do need quite a bit of coverage, so this foundation wasn’t for me. I am going to keep hold of this to try when my skin is a bit better (fingers crossed!) because I feel like it would be great just to even-out skintone a bit.

Concealer ~ Super Luminous in Fair 100
Defo one of my favourites from this bunch, I love this product! The colour is lovely, the consistency is light which means it blends nicely and it really does make my undereyes look flawless. My only downfall with this product is the sponge on the end, it’s too hard to use to blend the product and it just soaks it up. I would 100% repurchase this.

Powder ~ The Velvetizer in Light 200
Another lovely product that I would repurchase! The powder is light and blends nicely over my skin. It sets my makeup and I genuinely feel like it stops it moving around during the day. Sure its ‘just a powder’ but it really works!

Contour & Highlight ~ The Ten Best Neutral Eye Shadows Palette
Surprisingly this was my first time using a powder contour and highlight (que being a little nervous!). Despite being part of an eyeshadow palette I was really impressed. The pigmentation on the contour was amazing and after a couple of goes it blended out really nicely. The highlight, however, I wasn’t too impressed with. I didn’t notice any difference from putting this on and the pigmentation was very lack-luster. If they sold these as separates I would repurchase the contour when needed, and stay clear of the highlight.

Bronzer ~ Quantum Bronzer in Ain’t No Sunshine
This product confused me, quite a bit actually. For some reason the bronzer had a very shimmery coat over the top which was very similar to a highlighter. Once I got through this layer I was impressed with the product. It was subtle, blended nicely and a small amount of product went a long way.


Blush ~ Smart Powder Blush in Peachy Dreams
Another firm favourite of mine. I loved the colour as soon as I opened it, the product is pigmented and blends out really nicely. I have nothing bad to say about this blush and can’t wait to try a few more shades!

Highlighter ~ Moonlighting Balm in Soft Soul
For me this was the most disappointing product that I purchased for this feature. The pigmentation was barely noticeable and although it gives a very subtle shimmer it’s not enough for me. After speaking to my friend about this I believe this was designed to be an all-over face highlighter, which if you were using it like this will probably be fine, however for the traditional use I am not sold.

Eyeshadow ~ The Ten Best Neutral Eye Shadows Palette
This is the only product I already had which I used for this video. It’s not the best palette I’ve ever used but its not too bad. You get a good mixture of colours, a couple matte and most with shimmers, all in brown tones (my choice!). The pigmentation isn’t great but it is builable, and the shades are easy to blend. It will be one I keep and reach for on my makeup table.

Eyebrow Pencil ~ Superbrow Precision Pencil in Hot Coffee
As mentioned in my video, I don’t really colour in my brows anymore but I still wanted to give this a go. The nib of this pencil is lovely and small which means you can create lovely lines and the colour payoff is great.

Mascara ~ Uber Volume Boost in Jet Black
I’m picky when it comes to mascara, and unfortunately this hasn’t come too high on my list. It coated my lashes well but it did seem to clump them slightly, however the colour was great. I will keep it in my collection and try it again without such a dark eye, and I will be trying out a couple of their other formulas.

Lipstick ~ Futurelipstick Matte in Nude Cowboy
Another major winner for me! I bought two but tried just the matte formulation, which I love. It smells like chocolate (hell yes) and the colour is just lovely. I have already put this in my handbag for daily use and I can’t wait to try a few other shades.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, I would definitely suggest trying out some Beauty Pie products if you haven’t already! If you have any favourites that you think I should try please do let me know in the comments, and make sure to check out the full video of me trying these products below.

Hannah xxx

This post and video are not sponsored in any way and all views are my own.

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