Manicure Monday ~ Faking it!

Happy manicure Monday lovely people!


This week is a little different as I’ve decided to mix up my nail game a little…
That’s right, I’ve gone for the fakes! I decided a while ago that I fancied having nail extensions again, so a couple of weeks ago I went for the plunge!
I currently have CND acrylic nail extensions which are rounded (and slightly pointy!). They’re not much longer than my natural nail, only around half a centimetre, but it makes a whole lotta difference. When I first had them done I had CND’s Creekside on, however I had then re-levelled last week and changed it to CND’s Gotcha which I am really enjoying!

What do you currently have on your nails?

Hannah xxx

Let’s talk about…

I want to start a new feature on my blog called ‘Let’s talk about..’ where I can talk about anything and everything!

I want to cover many topics in this feature, from typical everyday things (healthy eating and exercise) to those things we feel uncomfortable talking about (how much does a bikini wax really hurt?!). I want to cover the things I enjoy reading about, and the things I wish more people would talk about!

I know a lot of those who read my blog are a similar age to me or younger, so if there’s anything you want me to cover or you have anything to input into these posts then please let me know! I’ll be starting this feature in the next few weeks so keep an eye pealed!

Hannah xxx