Mini Book Haul

The last few months I have really got back into reading. Getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things and something I look forward to even more when I am getting ready to head on holiday! Instead of just reading on a night before bed (my current routine) I spend all day reading instead and can easily read several books during my time on holiday!


If you look through my amazon wishlist you will see that its basically filled with books. Last week I took the opportunity to order some off my list, 2 to read at home and 2 for my holiday (the rest I will load onto my kobo electronic book). When deciding which books to buy 2 were a no-brainer as I have recently been to see Me Before You in cinemas (if you haven’t seen this please do, its so good!) and discovered there was a sequel! For the second set I went purely on Zoe Sugg’s suggestions, Everything Everything is included in her book club and she has spoken about Finding Audrey on several occasions, plus Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors!

Buying books makes me so happy, I’m a very have and hold person so having a physical book is something I love. These shiny new books are currently sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read and catching my eye every time I walk past! Obviously I cannot review these yet as I haven’t even read the first pages, but if you would like me to do this once I have read them let me know!

Now the hard bit is deciding which to read first…

Hannah xxx

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