Mini Book Haul

The last few months I have really got back into reading. Getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things and something I look forward to even more when I am getting ready to head on holiday! Instead of just reading on a night before bed (my current routine) I spend all day reading instead and can easily read several books during my time on holiday!


If you look through my amazon wishlist you will see that its basically filled with books. Last week I took the opportunity to order some off my list, 2 to read at home and 2 for my holiday (the rest I will load onto my kobo electronic book). When deciding which books to buy 2 were a no-brainer as I have recently been to see Me Before You in cinemas (if you haven’t seen this please do, its so good!) and discovered there was a sequel! For the second set I went purely on Zoe Sugg’s suggestions, Everything Everything is included in her book club and she has spoken about Finding Audrey on several occasions, plus Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors!

Buying books makes me so happy, I’m a very have and hold person so having a physical book is something I love. These shiny new books are currently sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read and catching my eye every time I walk past! Obviously I cannot review these yet as I haven’t even read the first pages, but if you would like me to do this once I have read them let me know!

Now the hard bit is deciding which to read first…

Hannah xxx

Manicure Monday ~Minty Cool

Hello everyone!

I’m back from my litter ‘break’ and armed with a notebook full of ideas. Of course my first post back had to be a Manicure Monday one, because I cant have a new nail colour without letting you all know about it!


This month I went for CND Shellac’s Mint Convertible. Its quite similar to Creekside and is such a lovely pastel mint green. I am still trying to make the most of the summer and the bright colours so this was an obvious choice!

What colour do you currently have on your nails?

Hannah xxx

Dior Skin Airflash ~ Review

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that last month when I went back to Kent I got some goodies from my friend. One of the goodies was her unwanted Dior Skin Airflash, something she was desperate for me to try!


The Airflash is different to other foundations as it is in aerosol can, a bit different to the pumps that we are used to! I was a bit worried when it came to using this, but you quickly get used to it. The one thing I will say you don’t really get used to is the aerosol smell when applying it. Its strange and something I personally wasn’t used to, but I feel its worth putting up with!

My friend gave me the shade 300, which I was worried wouldn’t match my skin however it does really well! I spray this directly onto my makeup brush 3/4 times and then add it to my face as I usually would with a foundation. I was a little disappointed the first time I used it as I felt where I dotted it on my skin it ‘stained’ slightly, however after going over the area a few times and really working it in it went.


This is not a high coverage foundation, but it is buildable. This is the kind of foundation I want at the moment as my skin is the best its been in months, so I am loving that it just sorts out my colour and pigmentation. It leaves a lovely dewey finish that dosent need powder over the top (on my skin) and it is the first foundation that dosent make me look oily! You can add extra layers to it and concealer blends in to it nicely.

Overall I love this foundation and I’m actually a little annoyed that I’m now going to have to repurchase!! However, there are some negatives. As I mentioned above it does have an aerosol smell to it, which can be a little off-putting when applying it. If you leave the ‘dots’ on your skin for too long it can be hard to shift and blend in to your skin, which makes putting it on a little trickier. I have found that if I add the dots then quickly blend them all just a little it isn’t as bad. And lastly, the bottle/container is coloured so you don’t actually know how much you have left. This can make using it and thinking about repurchasing a little trickier.

I do have to say that I have fallen for this foundation. It is my second Dior Skin foundation, but my first ever one of this type. I love that it gives me light coverage and a little bit more colour as well as lasting throughout the day and not going patchy. Better get saving to get a back up…!

Hannah xx

Manicure Monday ~ The Colour is Back!

I feel like its been so long since I did a Manicure Monday post, which is sad as I really enjoy doing them! Hopefully this will be back to being a regular feature on the blog with lots of new and fun colours popping up!


So last week I got my nails done again after letting them have a breath for a few weeks. After searching through the colours online I finally decided on CND Shellac’s Rose Bud, which is actually a different colour on the nail than on the bottle. I thought it would be quite a dusky/dark pink however it came out as this gorgeous pastel pink which I am loving! I have lots of comments on the colour and I think it will definitely be one that I try again in the future!

What colour do you currently have on your nails?

Hannah xxx