Cielo Blanco Leeds ~ Review

Hello everyone, hope you are well!

Today I’m writing another new style of post for my blog, which is a restaurant review. I hope you enjoy!

Going out to eat is one of my favourite things to do when I meet with friends, I think its so much better than going on a night out or even going to the cinema (I mean, you cant talk!). Once I left my weekend job, it free’d up some time for me to meet one of my friends who I only ever saw at work. Before I worked so much we used to go into Leeds, do a little shopping and head for lunch. Now we can start doing that again we jumped at the chance, and headed to our favourite eatery in Leeds!


Cielo Blanco is a Mexican restaurant that is on the top floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre, tucked away in a corner. It has both completely indoor, outdoor (within the shopping centre) and totally outdoor seating which means you have a good choice. It is decorated really nicely, with little trees and fairy lights which really makes you feel comfortable.

On this occasion, we sat indoors at one of the booths which was really spacious and not cramped too close to the next door booth. Firstly we ordered drinks, I ordered the Watermelon Cooler and my friend went for a simple lemonade (tip: they do not have ‘standard’ soft drinks on the drinks menu, but as long as you ask you can still get one!). The drinks menu is one of my favourites, it has great choices for soft drinks as well as alcoholic, and I love that they do juices!

Once we had ordered our drinks and were given our complimentary tortilla chips and dip (yummy!) we turned our attention to the food menu. This can be a complicated menu to work out, however the staff will happily explain how it works to you if you ask. They do separate main courses like burritos and salads, however our favourite part to order from is the Street Food menu. This is where you choose 6 dishes to share between you (with a minimum of 2 people sharing). We love doing this as we can try lots of different dishes and share them between us. We have some standards that we get every time (I can never say no to the fish tacos!) however we always try to order some new pieces to try. On this visit we ordered:
Fish Tacos
Sweet Pepper Tacos
Spicy Roots Tostadas
Chorizo Picante & Potato Tostadas
Smokey Chicken Enchilada
Potato, Cheese and Fresh Herb Flautas

Our food arrived very quickly and all at once, which meant we didn’t have to sit around and wait for some of the dishes. The food was the right temperature to dig straight into and was so so delicious. Every dish was seasoned perfectly and was a great size. Once we had eaten all we could we asked for take away cartons which were given to us very quickly and allowed us to package up our own food. This meant that nothing was going to waste and my dad got to try all the dishes (that were left) too!

I honestly cannot praise Cielo Blanco enough, their customer service is great and I really cannot fault the food. It is by far my favourite place to eat in Leeds and will always be out first lunch choice when we meet up!

If you want to see the full menu click here to head to their website. Please do go give them a try if you fancy something a little different and a great experience!

Hannah xxx

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