Life Update…

Hello you lovely people, how are you all?!

I thought this week I would do a little life update, as things have changed since my last one. I love reading about what people have going on in their lives, and I want to look back on my blog and remember what happened during these times.

So, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that a few weeks back I tweeted that something exciting had happened. Once I was unemployed I did some part time work for a beauty spa, and after a week and a half of this I was offered a permenant position! I had loved my time there so I am very excited to be starting this next chapter of my career and enjoying every minute! Thankfully this also means Manicure Monday will be making a return, so keep an eye out for that too!

Last weekend I took the oppertunity of having spare time and went back down to Kent (where I went to university) to spend the weekend with my best friend. I haven’t seen her for 6 months, and after everything that had gone on it was a well needed trip! I loved being back down and spending time with her, from the shopping trips to watching films. On Sunday we went to the beach I frequently went to when I wanted to get out of my house-share (a 15 minute walk from the house) and sat with ice creams chatting & watching the waves. It was a lovely relaxing end to the weekend, and I can’t wait to spend time with her on holiday this summer!

So that’s what’s been going on with me! Next week I will be back to my usual posts, but just wanted to give a little update.

Hannah xxx

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