Sunglasses Collection

I decided last week I wanted to start adding some summer blog posts, while the sun was shining and I was happily wearing shorts around the house. Right now, as I sit down to write this post, I am looking out on grey skies with rain bursting through every few minutes. So I apologise, but you can always come back to this when the sun is back!


Now, as you can tell from the above picture I don’t have many sunglasses, so I use the term ‘collection’ very lightly. As I live in the UK and don’t go abroad every few months I do not like spending my money on loads of sunglasses when I can use it for other things. This said, all of my sunglasses are from designers, however I never pay full price for them. I always get them from discount stores, or with a voucher I have been sent. I’ll explain where each pair is from and the price, so here we go…


Betsey Johnson ~ Black Sunnies
These were the first real pair of sunglasses I bought after years of getting super cheap ones from Primark or Flea Markets in the USA. I got these from Marshalls, a store like TK Maxx in the USA. Online Betsey Johnson sunglasses retail for around $75, I paid around $15-25 for this pair! I got them back in 2012 and they are still in perfect condition, I like these if I want black sunnies rather than brown.

Oscar de la Renta ~ Tortoise Shell Sunnies
These sunnies are my go-to. They sit in my car all year round as I can slip them on really easily when driving. I find this shape and colour really suits my face shape and complexion as they are not too harsh. Oscar de la Renta sunglasses retail online for around $200-300, but again I only paid $15-25 for these from Marshalls and they have lasted me 2 years of frequent wear perfectly!

Miss KG ~ Tortoise Shell and Coral Sunnies
My Miss KG sunglasses are my most recent purchase as I only got them a couple of weeks ago. This time instead of a discount store I got them from Boots, but again didn’t pay full price! In fact I didn’t pay a penny.. These sunglasses retail for £30 but because I have a Boots advantage card I got a voucher for 50% off, and I also had a £15 voucher for them! I love these as they have a pop of colour on the arms and are a lovely shape.


I know I don’t have loads, but I really love all of the sunnies I own! I’m sure when I go back to Florida this summer I’ll be coming back with at least one more pair if not more!

Hannah xxx

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