When life gives you lemons…

..make lemonade?

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share why I haven’t been myself this last week. It probably hasn’t shown much on the blog, but if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have been a little quieter than normal.

I would like to stress that this isnt a sad post for attention. My blog is something I look back on, and this last week is something I feel I need to remember!

Last weekend I thought I was getting my life a little more how I wanted it. I had the weekend off for the first time in months and had started to think about what I wanted in the future. Monday morning I went to work and my life fell to pieces as I was surprisingly made redundant. I was extremely surprised and was in shock, and struggled with this most of the week. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family who kept my spirits up and helped me as I frantically job hunted.
But hey, these things happen and its understandable. I have no bad feelings at all towards my employer and completely understand that it had to happen. There is no bad blood, and I will continue to help support them when I can.

So yes, last week was one of the most horrendous weeks I can remember. My illnesses played up from stress and I was exhausted.
But, every cloud has a silver lining! On the thursday after being told about my new working situation, I stumbled across a job at a local beauty spa. Today I finished my second day at the spa, and I am loving it! I only have a week with them, but I am thankful for the change in scenery and new challenge.

So, hopefully my blog and Twitter will pick back up again now. I don’t like dwelling on bad feelings and like to take the opportunity to grow. So here we go, I’m ready to find my new adventure and pick myself up a bit!

Thank you to everyone who has communicated with me in any way this week. Even a like on a tweet picked my mood up a little, and I am very thankful!

Now I fancy some lemonade…

Hannah xxx

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