Avon Matte Lipsticks ~ Review

Now I’m not too sure how many people have heard about these, but Avon have started their own matte lipstick range which they claim is ‘more matte than Mac’.
For those who haven’t heard of Avon, they are a makeup retailer where you can order online, or through a representative. In my area we are still old fashioned and our representative comes round every couple of weeks and takes our orders when giving us a new catalogue, where I spend a couple of hours looking through and making a little wish-list in my head!
I’ve had a couple of Avon lipsticks in the past, and not thought anything special of them. However, when my friend from work got in my car one weekend, I commented on her lipstick and she immediately started gushing about it! Fast-forward a few weeks, and I now happen to have 2 of them myself and my friend’s collection is growing!
So here we go. Firstly, I feel like I should point out I’m very fussy with lip colours. My skin colour is a bit awkward and I don’t feel like a lot of colours suit me. With this in mind, I ordered 2 colours, one safe bet and another that was a bit of a gamble. They were Au Naturale and Petal Pink.
I got Au Naturale mainly to test against my Mac matte lipstick, and I have to admit, I am impressed!
The two colours are very different, my Mac lipstick is a cool toned nude whereas my Avon one is much warmer and has hints of orange in. Because of this I’ve now made the decision that Mac is my winter shade and Avon is my spring/summer nude! Obviously this is the first thing I noticed when I put it on, and then it was the consistency. It isn’t as matte as Mac, although it definitely isn’t a satin or shimmer like ‘normal’ lipsticks. This isn’t a bad thing, well I don’t think it is, so your the one to judge on this!
The thing I think makes it better than Mac is the staying power. I’ve always had to top my Mac lipstick up, especially after eating or drinking, however the Avon one doesn’t budge! I’ve worn this through drinks, meals, snacks and its still on at the end of the day. I’ve only topped it up once, and thats through habit more than anything. Yes, because I got muted colours they don’t stand out as much and the colour fades slightly, however I know when my friend had her dark red one on when we went out for a meal, it was still on 3 hours and 2 courses later!
Another thing I think we need to appreciate about these lipsticks is the packaging. Normal Avon lipstick is in simple black, smooth packaging. The matte ones are in matte packaging. I know right, we were super impressed too!
The one thing I think is bad about the Avon ones compared to Mac is the colour range. Mac is known for having hundreds of colours, whereas Avon only has 15. As someone who is picky about shades, this is a bit annoying for me, but I am happy with the 2 that I currently have and hopefully they will bring out a few more shades so I can add some more to my collection!
If you would like to look at these lipsticks, or have a browse of the Avon website, click here.
Have you tried the Avon Matte lipsticks? What do you think?
Hannah xxx
*Note: since writing this Avon brought out 5 more colours, so I now have a lovely mauve one on its way!*

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