4 Fact Survey

Thanks Ruby for my nomination to do the 4 Fact Survey! I thought this would be a nice little follow on from my 25 Facts post, for anyone who wants to get to know me!

The Rules:
– Answer the questions
– Nominate 4 people to answer the same questions

Four names people call me other than my real name:
1. Han
2. Banana
3. thats it, I have a boring name.. lol

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Digital Content Manager
2. Museum Assistant
3. Waitress
4. Web Intern

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Disney films!!
2. Divergent (series)
3. The Hunger Games (series)
4. Miss Congeniality

Four books or authors I recommend:
1. John Green
2. The Divergent Series
3. The Bronte Sisters

Four places I’ve lived:
1. West Yorkshire (UK)
2. Kent (UK)
3. thats it.. I’ll move around eventually!

Four places I’ve visited:
1. Florida
2. Malta
3. Paris
4. Belgium

Four things I’d rather be doing now:
1. Sunbathing in Florida
2. Spending time with my family and friends
3. Baking
4. Be back at uni!

Four foods I prefer not to eat:
1. Red Meat
2. Fatty Foods
3. Smoothies
4. Pickle

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Pasta
2. Pizza
3. Chicken
4. Roast Veg

Four television shows I watch:
2. Gogglebox
3. 24 Hours in A&E
4. The Walking Dead & The Vampire Diaries (as soon as I get my netflix back!)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
1. Going to Florida with my family and best friend. Its my favourite place!
2. Moving out, not sure when but its exciting!
3. My friend having her baby, soo happy about that
4. Having weekends back. After nearly 6 months without weekends I cannot wait to spend them doing fun things!

Four things I’m always saying:
1. Okaydokey
2. That’s not too bad
3. It’ll all sort itself out
4. Don’t worry

And thats me!

I nominate:
Anyone else who wants a go!


Hannah xxx

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