April Favourites

April has been a hectic month for me, I’ve had 5 birthdays and an entire month without a day off to deal with! I am sad, however, to have seen it end so quickly! We’re now in May, and I’m hoping (really badly!) that the weather starts to brighten up so I can start to wear more spring/summer colours rather than my grey and blacks!
This month, like the others, has seen me not really delve into anything particularly new, which has made choosing some favourites a little hard! But here we go anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂
Beauty and Skincare
I’m not going to say too much about this lipstick as I have a review coming on them this month, but I have been reaching for this more than others in April, and I love that its added some colour!
I got a Morphe brush kit for Christmas off my friend, but have only just got round to trying them out! I have been using this brush for my highlighter. Its the perfect size to get into the pan (as I am using an eyeshadow for highlighter, I don’t want to be picking up the shades around it!) and its super soft.
The Body Shop Hemp Hand and Foot Cream
For some reason, my hands got extremely dry in April and I needed some intense moisture on them! The Body Shops Hemp range is always my go to as it works perfectly. It doesn’t smell the best but it works, and thats why I love it! This is one I have stored ready for when I run out, I also have one on my desk and in my bedside drawer! I also thought I would try out their foot cream, in preparation for summer and my holiday. So far this has been working perfectly, I just wish you got more in the pot!
Victoria’s Secret Body Spray – Pure Daydream
I’ve had this spray for a couple of years, along with a few others. I normally reach for my coconut or vanilla one, but this month I have been loving this. It reminds me of summer a few years back where I spent a lot of time with my friends on gorgeous sunny days. I love scents that have a memory attached to them.
I’m sure you’ve all heard about this book hundreds of times, as Zoe Sugg recommended it a while back, so I’m not going to write a load. But, this book is amazing. Give it a read!
Zara is a singer who is fairly new to the radio (from my end she is anyway!) but I have been loving her songs. Like, a lot. Every time Lush Life comes on the radio I turn it right up and sing my heart out. I’m sure I get lots of funny looks from other drivers, but I love it! Thats my staple spring song this year, and may even be my summer one too!
For anyone who didnt read my fitness journey post, I work out using Lucy Wyndham Read as my online trainer. Her youtube channel has so many workouts on and I love them all! In April, she started Lucy’s Squad, where we were given a 4 minute HIIT workout 6 days a week. I loved doing these workouts so much, and I do feel much fitter for them! I am looking forward to starting May’s challenge, wish me luck!
Thats all for April, fingers crossed theres some exciting ones in May!
What were you loving in April?
Hannah xxx

5 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. Chocolatedrops says:

    loved this, I love summer but even then I wear black sometimes! I keep meaning to read All The Bright Places but I never get round to it! I ave had 4 peoples birthdays this month, but they were all spread out to it was okay… even then it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world\! xx

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