Manicure Monday ~ Pretty Pastel

Its time for yet another Manicure Monday post, and I am loving all the spring colours!
Like I said in my last post, I am embracing the Spring (I say that lightly, as we have had several snow storms this week!), and sticking with my lovely pastel colours. Last month I had a gorgeous pastel pink, this month I went for blue!


This shade is CND Shellac’s Creekside, and as soon as I saw someone on instagram wearing it I knew it was my next colour! Its a gorgeous sky/pastel blue colour, that really pops on your nails. I don’t normally suit shades like this as I am olive skinned, but I am amazed at how good this looks and it actually compliments my skin at the minute! I’ve also had several comments about how nice it looks, which never happens when I just have a colour on without some sparkle or design!

What colour do you currently have on your nails?

Hannah xxx

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