When life gives you lemons…

..make lemonade?

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share why I haven’t been myself this last week. It probably hasn’t shown much on the blog, but if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have been a little quieter than normal.

I would like to stress that this isnt a sad post for attention. My blog is something I look back on, and this last week is something I feel I need to remember!

Last weekend I thought I was getting my life a little more how I wanted it. I had the weekend off for the first time in months and had started to think about what I wanted in the future. Monday morning I went to work and my life fell to pieces as I was surprisingly made redundant. I was extremely surprised and was in shock, and struggled with this most of the week. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family who kept my spirits up and helped me as I frantically job hunted.
But hey, these things happen and its understandable. I have no bad feelings at all towards my employer and completely understand that it had to happen. There is no bad blood, and I will continue to help support them when I can.

So yes, last week was one of the most horrendous weeks I can remember. My illnesses played up from stress and I was exhausted.
But, every cloud has a silver lining! On the thursday after being told about my new working situation, I stumbled across a job at a local beauty spa. Today I finished my second day at the spa, and I am loving it! I only have a week with them, but I am thankful for the change in scenery and new challenge.

So, hopefully my blog and Twitter will pick back up again now. I don’t like dwelling on bad feelings and like to take the opportunity to grow. So here we go, I’m ready to find my new adventure and pick myself up a bit!

Thank you to everyone who has communicated with me in any way this week. Even a like on a tweet picked my mood up a little, and I am very thankful!

Now I fancy some lemonade…

Hannah xxx

My Everyday Spring Makeup ~ 2016

Makeup is something I have a passion for, but finding time to experiment and play around with is has been difficult so far this year. Because of this, I found myself sticking to the same pieces and not branching out and trying anything new. I decided in spring to play it up a little, mainly by adding eyeshadow and introducing myself to a pink lip! Not much of a change for some, but one for me! I’m hoping that now I have a little more time I will be able to play around a little more, but for now these are the items I am using almost every day!


Primer: Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer
Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish – 200 Soft Beige
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection – 1 Fair & 2 Cool Medium
Powder: B Cosmetics – 152 Light/Medium
Bronzer: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer – 720A Sunny
Blush: Mac Powder Blush – Pinch Me
Highlighter: Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – We Love You

Primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original
Eyeshadow: Makeup Revolution Salvaton Palette – Hot Track & Million Dollar Contract
Mascara: Benefit – Roller Lash
Eyebrows: Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – Brand New Fans

Lipstick: Avon Matte Lipstick – Pure Pink


I love my makeup look at the minute, it brightens my face and adds a bit of colour whilst still being not too in your face!

What makeup are you wearing everyday?!

Hannah xxx

TBT Disneyland Paris ~ May 2015

So if you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember that I posted a wowcher review of my Disneyland Paris holiday last year (you can click here to see it if not!). I thought that since it has been a year I would do another little post on it, as a throwback!
This time last year I was sat in Planet Hollywood having my final meal of the holiday after a day in Disney Studios, and I can’t believe that time has gone that quick! It was mine and my best friend’s first holiday together, and our treat for handing in all of our assignments and finishing university! We booked it in March through wowcher and it really was a great few days.
In my post last year I did it as a review, but this time round I want to just share some pictures with you. We spent 1 day in Paris by the eiffel tower and then 2 days in Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. I loved this little holiday a lot and would love to do it again! Looking back over these pictures is a nice little refresher and is making me very giddy for my Disneyland Florida holiday coming up in September!
If you’ve never been to Disney, any of the parks, it is something you need to add to your bucket list! No matter how old you are it is just a magical place (truth time: I tear up quite a lot when I am there because I just get so happy!). My favourite memories from this trip are bonding with my best friend and when I really surprised her by singing Under The Sea in Sebastians accent! I will never forget her face when she turned round to look at me all confused haha!
I hope you have liked this different type of post, I will try and mix it up a little more throughout the year.
Hannah xxx

Avon Matte Lipsticks ~ Review

Now I’m not too sure how many people have heard about these, but Avon have started their own matte lipstick range which they claim is ‘more matte than Mac’.
For those who haven’t heard of Avon, they are a makeup retailer where you can order online, or through a representative. In my area we are still old fashioned and our representative comes round every couple of weeks and takes our orders when giving us a new catalogue, where I spend a couple of hours looking through and making a little wish-list in my head!
I’ve had a couple of Avon lipsticks in the past, and not thought anything special of them. However, when my friend from work got in my car one weekend, I commented on her lipstick and she immediately started gushing about it! Fast-forward a few weeks, and I now happen to have 2 of them myself and my friend’s collection is growing!
So here we go. Firstly, I feel like I should point out I’m very fussy with lip colours. My skin colour is a bit awkward and I don’t feel like a lot of colours suit me. With this in mind, I ordered 2 colours, one safe bet and another that was a bit of a gamble. They were Au Naturale and Petal Pink.
I got Au Naturale mainly to test against my Mac matte lipstick, and I have to admit, I am impressed!
The two colours are very different, my Mac lipstick is a cool toned nude whereas my Avon one is much warmer and has hints of orange in. Because of this I’ve now made the decision that Mac is my winter shade and Avon is my spring/summer nude! Obviously this is the first thing I noticed when I put it on, and then it was the consistency. It isn’t as matte as Mac, although it definitely isn’t a satin or shimmer like ‘normal’ lipsticks. This isn’t a bad thing, well I don’t think it is, so your the one to judge on this!
The thing I think makes it better than Mac is the staying power. I’ve always had to top my Mac lipstick up, especially after eating or drinking, however the Avon one doesn’t budge! I’ve worn this through drinks, meals, snacks and its still on at the end of the day. I’ve only topped it up once, and thats through habit more than anything. Yes, because I got muted colours they don’t stand out as much and the colour fades slightly, however I know when my friend had her dark red one on when we went out for a meal, it was still on 3 hours and 2 courses later!
Another thing I think we need to appreciate about these lipsticks is the packaging. Normal Avon lipstick is in simple black, smooth packaging. The matte ones are in matte packaging. I know right, we were super impressed too!
The one thing I think is bad about the Avon ones compared to Mac is the colour range. Mac is known for having hundreds of colours, whereas Avon only has 15. As someone who is picky about shades, this is a bit annoying for me, but I am happy with the 2 that I currently have and hopefully they will bring out a few more shades so I can add some more to my collection!
If you would like to look at these lipsticks, or have a browse of the Avon website, click here.
Have you tried the Avon Matte lipsticks? What do you think?
Hannah xxx
*Note: since writing this Avon brought out 5 more colours, so I now have a lovely mauve one on its way!*

4 Fact Survey

Thanks Ruby for my nomination to do the 4 Fact Survey! I thought this would be a nice little follow on from my 25 Facts post, for anyone who wants to get to know me!

The Rules:
– Answer the questions
– Nominate 4 people to answer the same questions

Four names people call me other than my real name:
1. Han
2. Banana
3. thats it, I have a boring name.. lol

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Digital Content Manager
2. Museum Assistant
3. Waitress
4. Web Intern

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Disney films!!
2. Divergent (series)
3. The Hunger Games (series)
4. Miss Congeniality

Four books or authors I recommend:
1. John Green
2. The Divergent Series
3. The Bronte Sisters

Four places I’ve lived:
1. West Yorkshire (UK)
2. Kent (UK)
3. thats it.. I’ll move around eventually!

Four places I’ve visited:
1. Florida
2. Malta
3. Paris
4. Belgium

Four things I’d rather be doing now:
1. Sunbathing in Florida
2. Spending time with my family and friends
3. Baking
4. Be back at uni!

Four foods I prefer not to eat:
1. Red Meat
2. Fatty Foods
3. Smoothies
4. Pickle

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Pasta
2. Pizza
3. Chicken
4. Roast Veg

Four television shows I watch:
2. Gogglebox
3. 24 Hours in A&E
4. The Walking Dead & The Vampire Diaries (as soon as I get my netflix back!)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
1. Going to Florida with my family and best friend. Its my favourite place!
2. Moving out, not sure when but its exciting!
3. My friend having her baby, soo happy about that
4. Having weekends back. After nearly 6 months without weekends I cannot wait to spend them doing fun things!

Four things I’m always saying:
1. Okaydokey
2. That’s not too bad
3. It’ll all sort itself out
4. Don’t worry

And thats me!

I nominate:
Anyone else who wants a go!


Hannah xxx

April Favourites

April has been a hectic month for me, I’ve had 5 birthdays and an entire month without a day off to deal with! I am sad, however, to have seen it end so quickly! We’re now in May, and I’m hoping (really badly!) that the weather starts to brighten up so I can start to wear more spring/summer colours rather than my grey and blacks!
This month, like the others, has seen me not really delve into anything particularly new, which has made choosing some favourites a little hard! But here we go anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂
Beauty and Skincare
I’m not going to say too much about this lipstick as I have a review coming on them this month, but I have been reaching for this more than others in April, and I love that its added some colour!
I got a Morphe brush kit for Christmas off my friend, but have only just got round to trying them out! I have been using this brush for my highlighter. Its the perfect size to get into the pan (as I am using an eyeshadow for highlighter, I don’t want to be picking up the shades around it!) and its super soft.
The Body Shop Hemp Hand and Foot Cream
For some reason, my hands got extremely dry in April and I needed some intense moisture on them! The Body Shops Hemp range is always my go to as it works perfectly. It doesn’t smell the best but it works, and thats why I love it! This is one I have stored ready for when I run out, I also have one on my desk and in my bedside drawer! I also thought I would try out their foot cream, in preparation for summer and my holiday. So far this has been working perfectly, I just wish you got more in the pot!
Victoria’s Secret Body Spray – Pure Daydream
I’ve had this spray for a couple of years, along with a few others. I normally reach for my coconut or vanilla one, but this month I have been loving this. It reminds me of summer a few years back where I spent a lot of time with my friends on gorgeous sunny days. I love scents that have a memory attached to them.
I’m sure you’ve all heard about this book hundreds of times, as Zoe Sugg recommended it a while back, so I’m not going to write a load. But, this book is amazing. Give it a read!
Zara is a singer who is fairly new to the radio (from my end she is anyway!) but I have been loving her songs. Like, a lot. Every time Lush Life comes on the radio I turn it right up and sing my heart out. I’m sure I get lots of funny looks from other drivers, but I love it! Thats my staple spring song this year, and may even be my summer one too!
For anyone who didnt read my fitness journey post, I work out using Lucy Wyndham Read as my online trainer. Her youtube channel has so many workouts on and I love them all! In April, she started Lucy’s Squad, where we were given a 4 minute HIIT workout 6 days a week. I loved doing these workouts so much, and I do feel much fitter for them! I am looking forward to starting May’s challenge, wish me luck!
Thats all for April, fingers crossed theres some exciting ones in May!
What were you loving in April?
Hannah xxx

Manicure Monday ~ Pretty Pastel

Its time for yet another Manicure Monday post, and I am loving all the spring colours!
Like I said in my last post, I am embracing the Spring (I say that lightly, as we have had several snow storms this week!), and sticking with my lovely pastel colours. Last month I had a gorgeous pastel pink, this month I went for blue!


This shade is CND Shellac’s Creekside, and as soon as I saw someone on instagram wearing it I knew it was my next colour! Its a gorgeous sky/pastel blue colour, that really pops on your nails. I don’t normally suit shades like this as I am olive skinned, but I am amazed at how good this looks and it actually compliments my skin at the minute! I’ve also had several comments about how nice it looks, which never happens when I just have a colour on without some sparkle or design!

What colour do you currently have on your nails?

Hannah xxx