My everyday jewellery

Jewellery is something that I have always liked, but always ended up sat in a case in my room not getting worn. Now that I am no longer at uni, and in a full time job, I decided to start wearing a bit more jewellery every day. I now rarely leave the house without wearing these pieces! Of course these are just for everyday, i.e work, but I do change it up depending on the event etc!
The necklace I wear every day is an engraved Tiffany & Co heart necklace. I got this for my graduation from my parents and brother, and think I have worn it most days since! It has the standard Tiffany & Co heart with their imprint design on and then a second heart which has HCL on. I love this necklace and it is such a lovely touch to every outfit. Simple and elegant!
I went from wearing 1 ring to 4 within the space of a month. Some people may think this is a bit ott, but it works for me and I enjoy wearing them all!
I’ll start with what I wear on my left hand; Pandora Heart ring and Pandora Birthstone ring with Amethyst in. The heart ring my parents got me for my 20th birthday while I was away at uni, and my brother got me the birth stone ring for my 19th birthday.
On my right hand; Tiffany & Co band ring and Pandora dimond band. The Tiffany & Co ring (can you tell I’m obsessed?!) was my first piece of Tiffany jewellery which my aunt got me for my 21st birthday. The Pandora band is my most recent, which I bought myself. I wanted to treat myself to something I could wear everyday to remind me of my hard work.
My weekly extras
As well as the items above I also wear a Fossil watch on a weekend for my weekend job. I don’t like wearing things on my wrists during the week as I work on a computer and it makes so much noise!
As well as these items, I also have all my piercing jewellery, however I think thats a blog for another time as there are quite a few!
What jewellery do you wear every day?
Hannah xxx

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