Matalan Spring Haul

Matalan is one of those places that I feel isn’t spoken about as much as it should be. For those who haven’t heard of Matalan, it is a clothing store in the UK which also sells homeware. It can be quite hit and miss, but for the quality and price (think in-between Primark and New Look) it really is great! Its somewhere my family have been shopping for a while, and both my mum and I are black card holders.
I got an email through about a month ago, inviting me to their new season opening event (Spring 2016) and I knew I wanted to go! Its been a while since I did a bit of shopping there, so I grabbed my mum and grandma and off we went!
I got a few different pieces which I have listed below. All together, I didn’t pay more than £60, which for what I got is amazing!
Their Spring range this year is lovely, they have pieces you can wear in the UK and bits you can take abroad, and I know we will be going again before our holiday!
Black pumps – £10
Pink pumps – £15
Cushion – £6
Hanging hearts – £3 each
Hannah xxx

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