Liz Earle Skincare Review

I got a Liz Earle Skincare set in the January sales, ready to use when what was my current skincare ran out. I haven’t used a new skincare brand in a year, so thought I would do a review on the products and how they helped my skin!
The set itself included;
Cleanse and Polish
Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion
Moisturiser – Normal/Combination
2x Muslin Cloths
First Impressions (the first time I used the products)
The first thing I noticed was the consistency of the Cleanse and Polish. It was almost cream like, and it felt like I was just applying moisturiser when I put it on my face (I don’t think I was doing it 100% right!) and only when I added a little bit of water to my fingertips did it start to look more like a cleanser on my skin. I then took it off using the wet muslin cloth, the first one I have ever used! I was surprised at how much this little change in my routine affected my skin! I straight away felt cleaner, and my skin looked brighter after weeks of having a dull winter sheen over it. I then rinsed it off as instructed.
I followed this by adding some of the tonic onto a cotton pad and applying it to the skin. I liked that it didnt feel like I was drowning my skin, in fact it also felt like a very very slight exfoliator, although this could have just been the cotton pad. My skin looked even better!
After getting a coffee etc I returned to my products and popped the eye bright cream (which is actually a liquid) onto a cotton ball and swept it over my eyes. I then took the moisturiser and added it everywhere else.
After putting my makeup on I was amazed that I looked like I’d put a shimmer base on, my skin really was glowing! This made a big difference to my confidence walking out of the house and made me feel a little let winter dull!
Over the course of the day I did notice that parts of my skin were oilier than normal, especially my nose. I’m not sure if this is something to do with the products themselves or just a change in skincare brand, so I will try out a few different combinations of the products and see which works best!
First Impressions: Quite Impressed!
Overall Impressions (after 1 month of using the products)
I am totally in love with this skin care! Every morning my skin feels refreshed and has a little glow to it, and it actually feels clean! Despite my breakouts (non-product related) my skin has still looked clean and healthy, a big bonus when I have been feeling under the weather!
The only product I am not 100% sure about is the moisturiser, it just dosent seem to be doing anything to my skin and so I think I will be changing this to a different one to test once my tube has run out.
However, despite this, I have been loving using these products, I am already getting ready to re-purchase and hoping they do a travel size for my holiday this summer!
If you are interested in any Liz Earle products check the website out here.
The set I bought is no longer available, however if you would like to see the closet one to it click here.
Hannah xxx
*disclaimer: all views in this post are my own*

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