My everyday jewellery

Jewellery is something that I have always liked, but always ended up sat in a case in my room not getting worn. Now that I am no longer at uni, and in a full time job, I decided to start wearing a bit more jewellery every day. I now rarely leave the house without wearing these pieces! Of course these are just for everyday, i.e work, but I do change it up depending on the event etc!
The necklace I wear every day is an engraved Tiffany & Co heart necklace. I got this for my graduation from my parents and brother, and think I have worn it most days since! It has the standard Tiffany & Co heart with their imprint design on and then a second heart which has HCL on. I love this necklace and it is such a lovely touch to every outfit. Simple and elegant!
I went from wearing 1 ring to 4 within the space of a month. Some people may think this is a bit ott, but it works for me and I enjoy wearing them all!
I’ll start with what I wear on my left hand; Pandora Heart ring and Pandora Birthstone ring with Amethyst in. The heart ring my parents got me for my 20th birthday while I was away at uni, and my brother got me the birth stone ring for my 19th birthday.
On my right hand; Tiffany & Co band ring and Pandora dimond band. The Tiffany & Co ring (can you tell I’m obsessed?!) was my first piece of Tiffany jewellery which my aunt got me for my 21st birthday. The Pandora band is my most recent, which I bought myself. I wanted to treat myself to something I could wear everyday to remind me of my hard work.
My weekly extras
As well as the items above I also wear a Fossil watch on a weekend for my weekend job. I don’t like wearing things on my wrists during the week as I work on a computer and it makes so much noise!
As well as these items, I also have all my piercing jewellery, however I think thats a blog for another time as there are quite a few!
What jewellery do you wear every day?
Hannah xxx

25 Facts About Me!

I figured I’d do a little mid-blog-week post about myself, as I want this to be a personable blog! I don’t find myself a very interesting person (who does?!), but I thought I would leave a few facts here about myself so you knew a little more about me!
  1. My name isn’t Caitlin, well my first name isn’t! Its actually Hannah, and my middle name is Caitlin
  2. I’m 22
  3. I’m short! 5’1” of littleness
  4. I have long hair, but have actually had around 7 inches cut off in the last year!
  5. I don’t eat red meat, and haven’t done for 9 years
  6. I live in Yorkshire and its where all my family is from
  7. I spent 3 years living in a seaside town in Kent for university, which I loved and miss a lot!
  8. I have a BA Hons in Web Design
  9. I currently live back with my parents, but am desperately trying to find somewhere affordable to move into (cause gosh its expensive to live on your own!!)
  10. I have a black Fiat 500, and I love it
  11. I have worked 7 days a week since the beginning of December, and so days off are well deserved
  12. I have 2 Alaskan Malamutes who are giant fluff balls!
  13. I am a very family and friends orientated person, they will always come first before anything
  14. I love buying people gifts, if I could buy someone something every week just for them being there I would!
  15. Florida is my favourite place in the world, I have some sort of emotional connection to it! Everytime I see someone else there I get sad! (Luckily we go every other year as a family!)
  16. After visiting different countries last year (Paris and Malta) I have challenged myself to go to a different country every year in-between going to Florida
  17. The Little Mermaid is my all-time favourite film, and this is where my mermaid obsession comes from!
  18. I actually have a bit of a disney obsession too, but I guess most people do!
  19. I have 4 tattoos and 10 piercings
  20. My favourite colour is pastel pink
  21. I love exercising and eating healthy
  22. I have a slight obsession with homewares. I love sitting and picking out furniture and shopping for house goodies is the best!
  23. I am still friends with the girls I went to primary school with! I’m actually ‘auntie Hannah’ to one of their daughters.
  24. The majority of my close friends are older than me, I always seem to be the baby!
  25. Blogging is something I never thought I would enjoy as I have always been told I am rubbish at English, but I love sitting down and planning/writing every week, and of course speaking to all of you guys!
Leave me some facts about yourself below, I’d love to know more about you all!
Hannah xxx

How to tackle a Spring Clean

If your like me, this is the time of year where I you are itching to sort through things and get rid of any unwanted items. I feel like once the sun comes out and it gets a little warmer, I just want everything to be clean and perfect as well as up to date. I no longer want that dress I have been saving for years, its time is up!
Spring cleans can be quite daunting, or something that really winds you up! I couldn’t keep track of the amount of times I’ve started in a morning with the aim of finishing in a day and then trying to climb into bed with piles of clothes and papers all around me. I just feel like I haven’t done anything! So I decided to write this post to try and help anyone who is facing this big tidy up, and go through how I now tackle it. Its much more manageable, and it prolongs the feeling of accomplishment!
Tip 1 ~ Have sections
The main thing I have learnt is that it is impossible to spring clean your entire room in one day. You’ll start off feeling great, then by the end of the day you will just be getting annoyed looking at the piles of things you have to tidy up so you can sleep! Split your room into manageable sections, I know in my room I have wardrobe area, drawers, bookcase, storage boxes, desk and under bed. Yes, this may take more than one weekend, but it means that I feel like I have done my job that day and its all tidy and lovely!
Tip 2 ~ Piles are your friend
Sometimes watching things pile up can make you hate the spring cleaning process, but honestly, you need them! I make sure I always have a few piles, mainly charity and sell (I may also have one for friends/family and obviously recycling and general bin waste which will go into bags). Have an end destination for the piles you make, I know that at the end of the day my charity pile with go into the large bags we have in our garage that are ready for the collection bags to be delivered to our house, and my sale pile will be quickly photoed then stored away somewhere until its time to send them out.
Tip 3 ~ Set a realistic target
Telling yourself your going to do your entire room in a day, or the bookcase you know is going to take at least a day in half the time is not going to work. Have sections, and give yourself plenty of time. I always give myself more time than I need and have a smaller area queued up in the back of my mind ready for if I have a spare couple of hours. It means I don’t get stressed or annoyed, winner!
Tip 4 ~ Have a helper
I always find when clearing out clothes specifically, it helps if I have someone there to help me sort through things, especially if I am unsure. Normally my mum will come in and sit on my bed and pass comment on the clothes I drag out of my wardrobe or drawers. I always find it good to get someone else’s opinion, and it tends to help me get rid of things I no longer use! It also comes in handy for tidying up your piles, less trips up and down the stairs!
Tip 5 ~ Have fun!
Lastly, make sure you have some fun! I don’t like making spring clean’s a stressful event, so I try and make the most of it. I’ll put some music on so I can have a sing and dance, light a nice spring scented candle and open my window (weather permitting, I do live in England!) to make my room feel more refreshed. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve wiped the cobwebs away and am in a good mood!
So I hope these tips help you at least a little, and let you declutter your room (or house) a little!
Have a good spring clean!
Hannah xxx

Matalan Spring Haul

Matalan is one of those places that I feel isn’t spoken about as much as it should be. For those who haven’t heard of Matalan, it is a clothing store in the UK which also sells homeware. It can be quite hit and miss, but for the quality and price (think in-between Primark and New Look) it really is great! Its somewhere my family have been shopping for a while, and both my mum and I are black card holders.
I got an email through about a month ago, inviting me to their new season opening event (Spring 2016) and I knew I wanted to go! Its been a while since I did a bit of shopping there, so I grabbed my mum and grandma and off we went!
I got a few different pieces which I have listed below. All together, I didn’t pay more than £60, which for what I got is amazing!
Their Spring range this year is lovely, they have pieces you can wear in the UK and bits you can take abroad, and I know we will be going again before our holiday!
Black pumps – £10
Pink pumps – £15
Cushion – £6
Hanging hearts – £3 each
Hannah xxx

Manicure Monday ~ Finally Spring!

Thats right, I finally did it and have now started with my spring nail colours!
I knew I wanted something pastel for my first spring nails, and despite all of the technicians wearing gorgeous corals, I stuck to my first decision! (although I doubt it will be long before the corals make an appearance!)
So for this month I have gone for CND Shellac’s Mauve Maverick. I’m not to sure why its named ‘mauve’ as its actually a pastel/baby pink colour. I really like this, and its meant I’ve felt a lot brighter and spring like compared to the last month!
What colour have you currently got on your nails?
Hannah xxx

Liz Earle Skincare Review

I got a Liz Earle Skincare set in the January sales, ready to use when what was my current skincare ran out. I haven’t used a new skincare brand in a year, so thought I would do a review on the products and how they helped my skin!
The set itself included;
Cleanse and Polish
Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion
Moisturiser – Normal/Combination
2x Muslin Cloths
First Impressions (the first time I used the products)
The first thing I noticed was the consistency of the Cleanse and Polish. It was almost cream like, and it felt like I was just applying moisturiser when I put it on my face (I don’t think I was doing it 100% right!) and only when I added a little bit of water to my fingertips did it start to look more like a cleanser on my skin. I then took it off using the wet muslin cloth, the first one I have ever used! I was surprised at how much this little change in my routine affected my skin! I straight away felt cleaner, and my skin looked brighter after weeks of having a dull winter sheen over it. I then rinsed it off as instructed.
I followed this by adding some of the tonic onto a cotton pad and applying it to the skin. I liked that it didnt feel like I was drowning my skin, in fact it also felt like a very very slight exfoliator, although this could have just been the cotton pad. My skin looked even better!
After getting a coffee etc I returned to my products and popped the eye bright cream (which is actually a liquid) onto a cotton ball and swept it over my eyes. I then took the moisturiser and added it everywhere else.
After putting my makeup on I was amazed that I looked like I’d put a shimmer base on, my skin really was glowing! This made a big difference to my confidence walking out of the house and made me feel a little let winter dull!
Over the course of the day I did notice that parts of my skin were oilier than normal, especially my nose. I’m not sure if this is something to do with the products themselves or just a change in skincare brand, so I will try out a few different combinations of the products and see which works best!
First Impressions: Quite Impressed!
Overall Impressions (after 1 month of using the products)
I am totally in love with this skin care! Every morning my skin feels refreshed and has a little glow to it, and it actually feels clean! Despite my breakouts (non-product related) my skin has still looked clean and healthy, a big bonus when I have been feeling under the weather!
The only product I am not 100% sure about is the moisturiser, it just dosent seem to be doing anything to my skin and so I think I will be changing this to a different one to test once my tube has run out.
However, despite this, I have been loving using these products, I am already getting ready to re-purchase and hoping they do a travel size for my holiday this summer!
If you are interested in any Liz Earle products check the website out here.
The set I bought is no longer available, however if you would like to see the closet one to it click here.
Hannah xxx
*disclaimer: all views in this post are my own*