March Favourites ~ 2016

I can’t quite believe that is is April tomorrow, it literally feels like a week ago that I was writing my February favourites! Anyway, here we are again with more favourites for you all! March seems to have gone in a flash, and when it came to getting some pieces together for this post I was a little lost. I haven’t tried anything new, and haven’t really had more than one thing shine out at me. Hopefully April is a little different, but for now, here is what I was loving in March!
This is the one thing I knew needed to be in this post, my one main favourite from March. I actually got this book at the beginning of January, but due to my crazy busy work schedule I never got round to doing any reading. This month I have made it my goal to read most nights before bed, rather than go on my phone. I knew I wanted to start with this book, and I have been looking forward to getting in bed and reading this. For anyone who dosent know, American Sniper is a book about one of Americans best snipers, and has also been made into a film. Its like sitting and listening to your granddads war stories, but a little more in-depth. Its not one for people who are sensitive about war or terrorism, so don’t be picking this up if you are.
I have been loving wearing older jewellery again. I went through a phase of only wearing one ring, however felt bad that I had other nice ones just sat in the boxes! I decided to start wearing this Pandora ring again on my other hand, and really liked that I was able to wear it comfortably alongside the other. I now wear 4 rings in total (a big jump in one month!) which I will be sharing in a future post..
I’ve had this perfume for years, this is actually my second bottle. I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs perfume and this is one of my favourites as its a little darker than some of the others. I’ve been reaching for this more than others this month simply for this reason, and it’s been nice using one of my higher end perfumes again!
Again, this is something I have had for a little while and I used quite a lot last year. Its been sat in my makeup bag for months and getting ignored, but this month I used it quite a lot for my weekend work. I either wore it on its own, or popped my Tanya Burr lipgloss over the top. Perfect for days when I don’t want a bold colour on my lips!
And thats everything from this month! Like I said, I haven’t had much that jumped out at me this month, mainly oldies being revisited, but hopefully I will have some good ones for you in my April Favourites!
What have you been loving this month?
Hannah xxx

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