What I got for my 22nd Birthday!

I wasn’t going to do a haul for my birthday, however after my what I learnt at 21 post it was requested that I do! I wanted to do it in the style of my Christmas haul, however I am very short on time at the minute so there is no video to accompany this post – sorry!

My 22nd birthday was very different to my others, however it was still lovely! I wasn’t expecting anything for it (being over 21 and an adult!) however I was pleasantly surprised by the bags adding up on our fireplace! Just like my Christmas haul, I am not going to list and take pictures of everything, just a few of the bits!
As you can probably tell, I got a good miss-mash of stuff for my birthday! The first thing I opened was from one of my best friends which was the only present I opened during the day as I went to see her in the morning. Thats the makeup bag at the top – I love this because its very Ted Baker and will add a lovely pop of colour in my handbag when I eventually change for spring! (My friends daughter was more interested in this than her own presents when I opened it, she kept running off with it!)
Pandora is a brand I love, and filling in my bracelet is a goal of mine! I got a lovely happy birthday charm off one of my school friends, straight after I took this picture it was on my bracelet!
If you didnt already know, I am obsessed with candles. I have a drawer of them in my room. Yep, its bad! So when I opened the little gift bag and found a prefect spring/summer candle I was very happy! This one is from ??? and smells lovely.
For anyone wondering what the hell the little tree with eyes is, that’s Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy (my favourite Marvel film). I think my mum went with a bit of a theme as I got this dancing Groot t-shirt (which is super cute), a calendar and the CD. Guardians everywhere!
My lovely dad is one of those people who picks up on the little passing comments I make, that I don’t expect anyone to hear. A week before my birthday I mentioned that I was running out of bath bombs and voila, opened my gift back to find 3! I think these are from Home Bargains, but they smell lovely!! I got 2 rose and one lavender, and although they don’t do anything fancy to your bath like lush, they do make it smell amazing.
Now the last one in this picture I was considering for a while whether to put it in or not, but I’m 22 so why not! My brothers girlfriend got me a bottle of sparking rosé wine, which is my favourite wine! As well as this I also got a bottle of prosecco. I don’t drink very often, so these will be kept safe until I do.
The last present I wanted to show you was already in use, note why its got its own picture! For those who don’t know, I am obsessed with The Little Mermaid. It was and always will be my all time favourite film, so when I went through 50 layers of bubble wrap and found this beautiful wineglass I was very happy! As you can see, I am using this for cotton balls etc on my beauty table, as I don’t want to risk breaking or damaging it using it as an actual wine glass!
I also posted a picture on my instagram of what my best friend got me (which you can see here). I have been trying to cut out caffeine and drink sweeter tea’s to reduce my sugar cravings, and so have been drinking more natural tea. My best friend sent me a gorgeous wooden tea box where I can store them all so prettily! (is that even a word?!). This is now a fixture in my kitchen and looks so cute.
I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you want to see what I got up to I did a blog post here about how I spent my day/week.
Hannah xxx

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