February Favourites ~ 2016

I’ve had a busy February due to birthdays etc, and of course work. However, I have found it quite hard to come up with a large number of favourites like I normally do! So this month were thinner on the ground, but I really have been loving these things a lot. I have included beauty and randoms. so I hope you enjoy!
Ive had this since the end of November when I first went to my new hairdressers. I never buy products from hairdressers as they have a large price tag attached, however for some reason I decided to take the plunge, and I am so glad I did! I’ve been using sporadically since I got it, however last month with the constant weather changes in the UK and using a new shampoo that really dries my hair out this has been a lifesaver. Yes, it costs more than I would normally pay for a leave in conditioner, but it has already lasted me 4 months and I have only used half, so it is well worth it!
I got this palette just before christmas, and have been using it on and off since then. Last month however, I used it nearly ever day to add a little more to my eyes during work. For this price tag it is 100% worth it, the colours are pigmented and blend easily. I also use the lightest shimmer as a highlighter and it looks lovely, this palette gets so many thumbs up from me!
I’ve had this angled brush in my pot for 2 years now, and very occasionally use it. Last month I re-dicovered it and don’t think I will be going back to my thicker Real Techniques one for a while! Because its to much thinner, it is very precise and allows me to make my eyebrows the perfect shape every day!
Its no secret that I love cooking and baking shows, and that I especially have a soft spot for Mary Berry! In February she had a new show on BBC2 ‘Mary Berry’s ???’ and we tuned in every week. Since beginning to watch that I had to buy a cook book, so I got her Cooks recipe book. I know its sad, but I cannot wait to build up my cook book collection and try out the recipes, they look so good!
Mini Eggs
Yes, I am aware it is not easter yet. No, I do not care that I have already consumed numerous bags of mini eggs! I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just soo good and moreish. Last month I always had a bag in my treat drawer and I am going to be super sad when they remove them from the shelves. I may have to stock up…
What were you loving last month?
Hannah xxx

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