My 22nd Birthday

Last Wednesday (24th Feb) was my 22nd birthday, my first birthday as an ‘adult’! The day itself wasn’t too eventful, I went to work and came home to sit with my family and watch the Brits. The best bit about the actual day was everyones lovely messages and being surprised by a lovely big cake my dad had made me, what a star!
My actual birthday celebrations took place over the weekend following my birthday, as I thankfully had it off work. On Saturday we piled in the car and went to Junction 32 for some retail therapy. I didn’t buy much, just some new trainers and leggings, but having an afternoon out and walking around was lovely.
That evening I went for a meal with my parents, grandparents, brother and his girlfriend at my favourite local restaurant, an Italian of course! This is where it basically turns into a food post, sorry!
I started my meal with the crab and prawns, which was so nice. I haven’t had crab in over a year so it was a lovely treat!
For my mains I went for a pasta dish – which was chicken, mushrooms and pasta ribbons in a creamy sauce. I can’t even describe how good this is, you can’t beat a creamy pasta!
Finally, I ended up having a child size ice-cream for dessert. I have been on-and-off ill for a few weeks and on Saturday it decided to play up! I couldn’t manage much else after eating 1/3 of my pasta (don’t worry, it didnt go to waste) so ice-cream was my only option! If I had have been able to manage a ‘proper’ desert, I would have had the chocolate orange cake which my brother had (and very kindly let me take a picture of and delay his eating!).
To say I was dreading this birthday, I ended up having a lovely week and felt very lucky! Now i’m back to spoiling everyone else for their birthdays for another year, my favourite thing to do!
Oh, and I can’t finish this post without a bit of Taylor Swift. Cause, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty twoooo! 😉
Hannah xxx

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