Manicure Monday ~ Birthday Nails!

When I headed to the salon last week to get my nails done, the only idea I had in my head was that I fancied a bit of pink. I told the lovely lady who does my nails, and added that I maybe wanted a bit of glitter too, and this is what I cam out with!
Now I’m still a bit rubbish and didnt look at the name of these colours, but I got baby pink nails with a holographic pink glitter accent nail (the glitter was a loose glitter added over the top of the wet gel and set). I am so in love with these nails and how girly they are, and the little extra sparkle is perfect for my birthday. I got so many comments at work about them and find myself looking at them several times a day to admire them! (haha, sad I know!)
What colour do you currently have on your nails?
Hannah xxx

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