Favourite Look ~ February 2016

February has been a strange month, the weather hasn’t been able to make its mind up which has made it fairly difficult choosing one certain look! Although I am a little early posting this, we are already 3 weeks in to February and I have been reaching for this look so much already!
My black Topshop jeans (although after a years worth of washes they are much more grey than black!) go with anything, and I find them a staple at this time of year. These have been interchanged with leggings on days where I need a bit more comfort while sitting at my desk, and I have been teaming them with my oversized grey jumper from Primark. I bought this as I really liked the straight cut on the neck, and its super comfortable. I can happily wear a vest top underneath to give me an extra layer, and it keeps me warm in the office and when I’m driving! I always wear my black ankle boots from Matalan with this outfit as they keep my feet warm and go really well with the black jeans. To finish this outfit off I like swapping my usual everyday necklace with a statement one, and the necklace I have specifically loving this moth is a silver and blue one that my grandparents got me from a market in Belgium a few years ago. I like that with all the black and grey I can add a pop of colour which compliments the jumper nicely!
What outfit have you been reaching for more than others this month?
Hannah xxx

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