Valentines Day Cupcakes!

I got some cherries a while ago, and couldn’t think what to make with them. I decided that with it being valentines day this weekend I would make some cupcakes, as the red cherries show off in the bake! I don’t have any plans for valentines day other than working, but these will go down very well in my house! I was going to share the recipe for these, however my bake turned out quite bad! If you would like to make something similar (but with a better bake!) follow a simple vanilla cupcake recipe and add in the cherries at the end. Hopefully, yours wont end up looking like mine!
I baked my cupcakes in red cases with white hearts on that I found in Tiger for £1, and finished them off with simple buttercream icing!
What do you like doing for valentines day?!
Hannah xxx
p.s, I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m posting these when they turned out so bad (Mary Berry wouldn’t be impressed with them!), but baking is always trial and error, and with being ill this week I’m surprised they didn’t turn out worse!

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