OFRA Liquid Lipstick Review ~ 2016

If you’d have asked me a few months ago if I liked OFRA you would have got a blank look and some strange question sound. Ask me now, and I will jump right in and tell you how much I am currently obsessed with them and dying to try more out!
I only have one makeup item from the brand, and the only reason I have that is because one of my closest friends asked me what I would like and treated me to it for Christmas (thank you Jannie!).
The product I have fallen in love with is the Liquid Lipstick in Mocha. I’ve only ever tried one liquid lipstick before which didn’t stay on how I had imagined, however this one lasts for hours!
So firstly, the colour. This is a lovely rich brown which goes on like a gloss and sets semi-matte. I chose brown as I suit natural tones more than reds, and feel more comfortable wearing them. This goes on a little darker than I had thought, but for the days when I need to look like I’ve made an effort its perfect! The pigmentation is great and is pretty much exactly how it looks in the tube.
I find the application of this lipstick really easy. Yes you have to be more precise than if you were putting an ordinary lipstick on – but it goes on easily, blends well and I’ve only had to tidy it up a couple of times.
The amount of time this lasts for amazes me! I’ve had lipsticks that claim to last hours before, and they never do. This one I was expecting exactly the same with, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that it lasted over half of my working day. In the pictures above, the first is an hour after application and the second is 4-5 hours later after 2 drinks and lunch! Even better is that it did not stain my lips. I wore this for a graduation ceremony recently and when I went to take it off it went without a problem which meant my lips didn’t have a brown tint to them for the evening!
Overall I really love this product, and I am very excited to try out some more colours, maybe some more summery tones, and even some more of OFRA’s products. I can see this being a brand I seek out when I am in the USA later this year!
Hannah xxx

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