What I learnt at 21..

Yesterday I turned 22, which closed the book on what felt like the longest, and most rewarding year of my life.
For some people 21 is a huge birthday, but the year that follows is just like any other. For me, my 21st year was one of the most eventful; I became an aunt, graduated university, moved home, started full time work and was a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends. As well as all these exciting changes, I learnt a lot and became closer to the people I knew I needed in my life.
I gained a lot at 21, but I lost quite a lot too.
Some people I thought were meant to be by my side forever I now cannot even say hello to without a rush of anxiety and sadness, however this is something I have grown as a person because of, and feel no regret about.
I lost 99% of my independence that I gained at university and moving back in with my parents was hard, but its driven me to work hard and save money so I can have my own place again as soon as possible.
I moved over 300 miles away from my best friend and other close friends making me extremely lonely at times and my social life is nearly non existent, but I gained closer friendships with these people and going to visit it even more special now.
But 21 hasn’t been as much doom and gloom as it could have been.
Waking up on my 21st birthday to a text saying I was now ‘Auntie Hannah’ to one of my best friends’ newborn daughter brought me to tears, and is something I will never forget. Moving home has allowed me to see her grow and reach milestones. It still amazes me that she can walk and her smile will always brighten my day.
Moving in with my best friend for my final 2 months in Kent is something I will also never forget. Sitting round  watching crappy soaps and making fun dinners was great, and I can’t wait until I get to live with her again!
Graduating university is something that will be etched into mine and all my family’s brains forever. Walking on that stage and down the aisle in my gown and hat was so special and having my friends and family to greet me afterwards was such a great feeling, as well as sharing the day with my uni family. I am rarely proud of myself, but that day showed me how far I had come in just 3 years!
Moving home and starting full time work was an eye opener, its hard living with your parents again after 3 years on your own but it allowed me to appreciate my family more, and enjoy family time. Starting work and knowing there was no end date was daunting, and after working 7 days a week for 3 months I know I am doing what I enjoy and making something of myself. Again, another moment I am proud of myself for.
Last year I went on several holidays, 2 with my best friend who a year before I would never have seen myself jetting away with! One of these holidays was to Malta, a country I had never even considered visiting before, to be a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends from uni. The country was gorgeous and the wedding was so special. I will always cherish spending that day with my uni family and watching my friend get ready and say her vow’s – a truly special day.
My 21st year is a year I will never forget. I learned a lot of lessons and grew more as a person as I ever thought possible in just 12 months! I am currently the happiest I have ever been, and look forward to the challenges and amazing opportunities 22 will bring me.
I hope you all follow me through my 22nd year, and share with me everything life brings (a few cakes and lipsticks on the way too!).
Lots of love, Hannah xxx
*please note, the images used are ‘boring’ and I have blurred my grandparents out as I am not sure how comfortable people are with being on my blog at the moment! I rarely share pictures that need to include people, and this is my best solution. Thanks!

Favourite Look ~ February 2016

February has been a strange month, the weather hasn’t been able to make its mind up which has made it fairly difficult choosing one certain look! Although I am a little early posting this, we are already 3 weeks in to February and I have been reaching for this look so much already!
My black Topshop jeans (although after a years worth of washes they are much more grey than black!) go with anything, and I find them a staple at this time of year. These have been interchanged with leggings on days where I need a bit more comfort while sitting at my desk, and I have been teaming them with my oversized grey jumper from Primark. I bought this as I really liked the straight cut on the neck, and its super comfortable. I can happily wear a vest top underneath to give me an extra layer, and it keeps me warm in the office and when I’m driving! I always wear my black ankle boots from Matalan with this outfit as they keep my feet warm and go really well with the black jeans. To finish this outfit off I like swapping my usual everyday necklace with a statement one, and the necklace I have specifically loving this moth is a silver and blue one that my grandparents got me from a market in Belgium a few years ago. I like that with all the black and grey I can add a pop of colour which compliments the jumper nicely!
What outfit have you been reaching for more than others this month?
Hannah xxx

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The Liebster Tag ~ 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely week so far!

I’m here for a mid-week tag post, as Ruby from Rubys Cadence kindly tagged me to take part in the Liebster tag, so thank you very much Ruby!

Below I have answered the questions Ruby set me, there are 11 in total. I am supposed to nominate people to take part in this, so I nominate anyone who wants to give it a go! Tag me and let me know you’ve taken part, I look forward to reading your posts! The questions I have decided on are at the end of the post, I hope you learn a little about me and enjoy your questions if you decide to take part 🙂

  • What is your favourite fruit?
    Strawberries! I think they go well with most things and are nice on they’re own too. Love them!
  • Why did you start your blog?
    I originally started a weightloss blog, but found that I wanted to talk about more than just my food and weightloss so decided to start up CosyCaitlin so I can share a bit of everything I love.
  • Who is your main inspiration in life?
    I already answered this in my last tag (which you can read here), so I’m going to answer one of the questions Ruby was set instead which is; If you could leave tomorrow, where would you go?
    It depends on my budget. If it had to be somewhere within the UK, I would go to Broadstairs as this is where I went to university and where most of my friends still live! If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Florida, but only if my family could come too. This is where we’ve been going on holiday since I was little and I have such an attachment to it, it is my ultimate happy place.
  • Something materialistic you couldn’t live without?
    I hate questions like this cause I don’t like seeming shallow! I think my phone, cause I can do most things on it and you rarely see me without it. Or my car, cause its so handy to be able to just get myself places…
  • Last place you were? (e.g. Shops, school, park…)
    Work! I work 7 days a week, so this would be my answer no matter when you ask me!
  • What model of mobile phone do you have?
    I have an iPhone 6s in rose gold, purely because its pink…
  • Can you speak any other languages apart from English?
    Nope! I really wish I could, but I just didnt take it in enough at school. When I have time again I would love to learn one though.
  • Are you good at art?
    Not traditional art, like drawing or sculptures. Part of my degree is in Graphic Design, so I’m okay at those aspects of art, and if baking design classes as art I’m okay at that too!
  • What colour are your eyes?
    My eye colour changes (weird I know!) so some days they’re hazel, other days they have some green in.
  • What is your first memory?
    I think the earliest thing I can remember is playing at my friends house across the road from my family’s first home. She had a vacuum that had little balls in that bounced up and down when you pushed it, I loved playing with it! We left that house when I was 2, so I think thats my earliest memory!
  • What date did you start your blog?
    November 9th 2014, I think! Thats when I published my first post.

My questions for anyone who wants to take part:

  • What was the last text you sent?
  • How do you write your blog posts? (paper, phone, laptop, notes)
  • What is your favourite thing to blog about?
  • If you could only travel to one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
  • What is your favourite thing to do with your best friend?
  • Which movie do you want to see at the cinemas at the minute?
  • If you could volunteer to help out a charity/organisation, what would you do?
  • What have you next got planned that excites you/makes you happy?
  • Do you prefer to be busy all the time, or have more relaxing time?
  • Favourite thing to cook/eat?
  • Birthday or Christmas?

Enjoy, speak to you on Thursday!

Hannah xxx

Valentines Day Cupcakes!

I got some cherries a while ago, and couldn’t think what to make with them. I decided that with it being valentines day this weekend I would make some cupcakes, as the red cherries show off in the bake! I don’t have any plans for valentines day other than working, but these will go down very well in my house! I was going to share the recipe for these, however my bake turned out quite bad! If you would like to make something similar (but with a better bake!) follow a simple vanilla cupcake recipe and add in the cherries at the end. Hopefully, yours wont end up looking like mine!
I baked my cupcakes in red cases with white hearts on that I found in Tiger for £1, and finished them off with simple buttercream icing!
What do you like doing for valentines day?!
Hannah xxx
p.s, I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m posting these when they turned out so bad (Mary Berry wouldn’t be impressed with them!), but baking is always trial and error, and with being ill this week I’m surprised they didn’t turn out worse!

OFRA Liquid Lipstick Review ~ 2016

If you’d have asked me a few months ago if I liked OFRA you would have got a blank look and some strange question sound. Ask me now, and I will jump right in and tell you how much I am currently obsessed with them and dying to try more out!
I only have one makeup item from the brand, and the only reason I have that is because one of my closest friends asked me what I would like and treated me to it for Christmas (thank you Jannie!).
The product I have fallen in love with is the Liquid Lipstick in Mocha. I’ve only ever tried one liquid lipstick before which didn’t stay on how I had imagined, however this one lasts for hours!
So firstly, the colour. This is a lovely rich brown which goes on like a gloss and sets semi-matte. I chose brown as I suit natural tones more than reds, and feel more comfortable wearing them. This goes on a little darker than I had thought, but for the days when I need to look like I’ve made an effort its perfect! The pigmentation is great and is pretty much exactly how it looks in the tube.
I find the application of this lipstick really easy. Yes you have to be more precise than if you were putting an ordinary lipstick on – but it goes on easily, blends well and I’ve only had to tidy it up a couple of times.
The amount of time this lasts for amazes me! I’ve had lipsticks that claim to last hours before, and they never do. This one I was expecting exactly the same with, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that it lasted over half of my working day. In the pictures above, the first is an hour after application and the second is 4-5 hours later after 2 drinks and lunch! Even better is that it did not stain my lips. I wore this for a graduation ceremony recently and when I went to take it off it went without a problem which meant my lips didn’t have a brown tint to them for the evening!
Overall I really love this product, and I am very excited to try out some more colours, maybe some more summery tones, and even some more of OFRA’s products. I can see this being a brand I seek out when I am in the USA later this year!
Hannah xxx