If you could keep 3 products you bought in 2015, what would they be? ~ Makeup

This question came up in a blog update email that I receive a few times a week, and I thought it would be perfect to follow through and do a blog post about! I’ve decided to do this exclusively for my makeup, as to choose 3 products from everything I have bought this year would be so hard!


The first thing I would keep would be my Chanel lipstick in Rouge Allure (122). I got this myself as a makeup treat for my 21st birthday from Harrods. I already owned a Chanel lipstick and loved it, so had to get another! I wear this much more in winter but can add nudes over the top so it is an every day lipstick. As well as it just being too gorgeous to give up, it is also the lipstick I wore for my graduation in 2015, so I will always have it linked to that day!


The next would be my Dior Skin Nude foundation in 020. I tried this as a sample from a magazine and fell in love! I bought this on the boat back from my holiday in Belgium and although I haven’t yet used it (the shade is too light for the tan I had from my holiday!) I love how it looks and cannot wait to start using it daily!


Lastly I would have to say my Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipgloss in Lunch Date . I have been wanting to try one of Tanya’s lip glosses for a while, and when they went on offer at Superdrug I couldn’t resist! I got a nudish shade as I wasn’t sure what the pigmentation was like or if I would be able to wear them every day, and as I was buying online I had to go by what the picture showed. I was so happy when I opened it to see the colour was perfect, and the packaging is so nice too! The smell is also something I wasn’t expecting, as it smells so nice for a lipgloss! I wear this a lot, and so would not be able to start 2016 without it!

What 3 products you bought in 2015 would you keep?!

Hannah xxx

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