Restarting my Fitness Journey ~ January 2015

I wanted to write this blog post as I originally started blogging about my weightloss, and being healthy is something I am passionate about! If you follow me on twitter you will know that I tweet regularly about my meals or working out. This isn’t something I normally write about on this blog, and will be a rare feature, but its something I would like to share with you all!
I started my lifestyle change a couple of years ago now, and got into the full swing of it in late 2014. I loved going to the gym, and getting up at 7:30 and walking for 40 minutes to make my Body Pump class was something I looked forward to. Healthy eating was something I loved, and found much easier to stick to once I moved in with my best friend. In July I moved home after completing my 3 years at university, and being made to follow my family’s eating habits and change my gym plan around full time work was a lot harder than I thought it would be!
After slacking for a few months, I decided that in 2016 I would get back to taking care of myself. I made the decision to quit the gym and start working out from home, and I contacted Lucy Wyndham Read about being my online personal trainer and last week I got my first set of plans through.
I’ve completed a week now, and I technically haven’t worked out for 3 of those days (although my legs are saying something else!!), however I already feel better just from doing a 20-30 minute workout a day! This week I am focusing on my eating habits and incorporating what Lucy has included on my plan.
I refuse to go back to where I was, and only move forward. I’m lucky that I have people around me supporting me, however that does not mean I won’t still have challenges. This post is me re-starting my healthy lifestyle and I will try and write a new post every few months to keep both myself and you updated with my progress!
Hannah xxx
p.s – I am aware that the angles in my images are different, I have tried to find the best suited ones I could to show you my change! H x

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