What I got for Christmas 2015 ~ My first ever YouTube video!

I was very lucky this year and got to spend the entire Christmas period at home with my family rather than arriving the weekend before Christmas. I was also lucky in that I got some gorgeous gifts, all of which I am very grateful for!

I decided to pick out some gifts I thought you would be interested to see!


I’ve actually filmed my first ever YouTube video where I went through the items I picked and talked through them even more, so if you would like a bit more information please check it out! 🙂

Hannah xxx

Christmas Baking – Mince Pies

I’m not a big fan of mince pies, as much as I wish I was! They remind me so much of christmas and the special treat at this time of year! I’ve been really into baking this year, so I thought I’d give making mince pies a go for my family.


I followed Zoe Sugg’s recipe, however found that the ratio of flour and butter was wong (could be something to do with the scales we used, but I only needed half the butter and got double the amount of pastry!) and I used a Morrisons Cranberry filling rather than the Waitrose standard mince meat filling.

Overall I think they worked really well, especially for a first attempt, and they were super easy to make! Everyone who’s tried one is impressed, and I am now glad I have pastry left over as I can make some for christmas day too!




To find the recipe click here.

Hannah xxx

November Favourites ~ 2015


Its now December, and although I am very excited I also find myself wondering how we are here already?!

That means its time for a November Favourites post, my first I believe, so what have I been loving this month?



YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush, N°6 Rouge Libertine – This stuff is so great! Unfortunately I do not have the colouring to be able to pull off red lipstick, something which really annoys me at this time of year, however this is the perfect dark red shade! This has been my go-to lip shade for meals out, get togethers and anything just a bit dressier than normal. 

Maybelliene Wet Look Lipstick – This is years old, I mean I can’t even remember when I bought it! I found it when getting rid of some old handbags, and thought it may have dried up. But nope, its still working perfectly! Its a gorgeous brown/nude shade which I wear on an everyday basis for work. I’m really hoping they still sell this cause otherwise I will be very upset when I run out!



Primark Shirt Jumper – I’ve never been too sure about the shirt/jumper combos on me, but my gosh I love it!! This was only £10 from Primark and I really wish I had the time to go back and buy more. Its perfect for work as its warm and comfortable whilst also looking smart. I even wore this for 2 interviews this month with the shirt part tucked into a pencil skirt, which also looked great!

Tartan scarf – Unfortunately this isn’t something I can say ‘you need this in your life, go buy it!’ as I got it from a market in Malta while I was on holiday (odd I know, on a summer holiday and buying scarves!). Its a lightweight tartan scarf that looks great with everything and adds that christmassy feel to an outfit. 



Earl Grey tea – When I was offered this at work a while ago I was a little worried about trying it, but now its a staple afternoon drink for me! The floral side taste to earl grey is amazing, and just makes my afternoon that little sweeter!


What have been your favourites from last month? Let me know!

Hannah xxx