Pamper Night!


After being ill for over a week, I finally started to feel better this weekend. However, this joy was short lived as on monday I was back to feeling rubbish again! This gave me the perfect opportunity to have a pick me up bath, something I love doing when I feel a bit crappy.

These are my essentials for a pamper bath;

  • A face mask, I broke out this weekend so I reached for my Origins Charcoal mask which I really love. My skin is visibly clearer the next day and its soothing. Love it!
  • A hair mask, I needed to wash my hair last night anyway so I thought I would treat it and pop a hair mask on for the first time in ages. I originally bought this pot nearly a year ago, and used to use it every week, so it lasts ages! It makes my hair super soft and keeps it in tip top condition!
  • A bath bomb, what is a pamper bath without a Lush bath bomb?! After searching through my collection I decided on honey bee, it had a subtle and relaxing scent, and wasn’t overpowering at all. It didn’t do anything exciting to my bath water, but it did its job perfectly!

What do you guys do when your feeling under the weather?

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