Food Haul: My Weekly Shop

Bit of a different kind of haul for this week! This is one of my favourite things to read on other blogs or watch on youtube, and thats what people get for their weekly shops. I just find it interesting what others eat, so I hope you like it!

This shop should last me a fortnight, and includes my Weight Watchers friendly foods! There are essentials like fruit missing here, simply because this is what I get delivered and I like to pick my fruit myself.

4 pints Skimmed Milk
2x Unsweetened Almond Milk
9 Muller Light Yoghurts (Toffee, Skinny Cappuccino, Banana & Custard and Coconut & Lime)
Chicken Breasts
Bagged Salad

Mixed Veg
Veggie Burgers
Thai Cod
Lemon & Pepper Butter Salmon
WW Chicken Hotpot
Mini Twister Icelollys

Chopped Tomatoes
Brown Sandwich Thins
Pickled Onions

What do you guys get in your weekly shop?
Hannah xxx

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