Food Haul: My Weekly Shop

Bit of a different kind of haul for this week! This is one of my favourite things to read on other blogs or watch on youtube, and thats what people get for their weekly shops. I just find it interesting what others eat, so I hope you like it!

This shop should last me a fortnight, and includes my Weight Watchers friendly foods! There are essentials like fruit missing here, simply because this is what I get delivered and I like to pick my fruit myself.

4 pints Skimmed Milk
2x Unsweetened Almond Milk
9 Muller Light Yoghurts (Toffee, Skinny Cappuccino, Banana & Custard and Coconut & Lime)
Chicken Breasts
Bagged Salad

Mixed Veg
Veggie Burgers
Thai Cod
Lemon & Pepper Butter Salmon
WW Chicken Hotpot
Mini Twister Icelollys

Chopped Tomatoes
Brown Sandwich Thins
Pickled Onions

What do you guys get in your weekly shop?
Hannah xxx

Follow me: Homey Saturday

Good afternoon everyone! Hope your having a good weekend. I thought I would do a ‘follow me’ blog for yesterday, which was a fairly standard saturday for me! Enjoy!

After snoozing my alarm for half an hour I finally got up and ready for the gym. I always set off an hour before my class so I can call and get my friend on the way! I went to body pump this morning which started at 9:15 and was an hour long. Starting my weekend off right!

On my walk home I stopped off at Asda to pick up some more fruit to have with breakfast and bits for tonights dinner. Finally at 11 I was home with breakfast and a coffee. I had my usual porridge with chia seeds, banana and strawberries, I topped it with honey and cinnamon today as I was craving sweet things already!

Finally showered, dressed and ready for the day I settled down with the first film of the afternoon: Lilo and Stitch. I wanted a feel-good movie to lift my spirits so this was perfect! I followed this up with Red Riding Hood. Whilst watching the films I also did some uni work and bits on my blog 🙂
Oh, I also had lunch! at around 2:30 I started making lunch, I had butternut squash soup with half a pitta bread and a green tea. I only ended eating half of what I made though as I somehow managed to spill most of it over the counter!

Bit of a time jump (and no picture!), but oh well! I headed over to my friends for the evening for a bit of company and change of scenery. We stayed in and watched Britain’s Got Talent and had a takeaway (whoops!). The girls all had a donner kebab and I had a chicken shish kebab, which was a lovely treat after having a bad day!

I got back from my friends at 10:30 and started getting ready for bed as soon as I got in. I managed to get myself curled up in bed at a fairly reasonable time (for a uni student anyway!) ready to wake up early and head to the gym again. Thankfully it didn’t take me too long to get to sleep!

How did you guys spend your saturday?
Hannah xxx

Foodie Friday – My final day at work!

Happy Friday night everyone (or saturday morning when your probably reading this)! I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend, I know I am!

I’m back to uni on Sunday so today was not only my final day at work this holiday, but my final day of being an intern ever! I will be returning after uni as a full time employee, how exciting!

Heres what I ate today, I tried to take pictures of everything but sometimes I forget the little snack things! In future I will put the points of these meals on (for anyone following Weight Watchers like myself, but this week I am not pointing, sorry!)

Breakfast 8:15am
35g tesco porridge oats, almond milk, a whole banana, 1/2 teaspoon of golden syrup (on the porridge) and cinnamon. I have this nearly every morning and I love it! I also had a coffee with semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch 1:15pm
A strawberry Oykos yoghurt with 1/2 a plum, 1/2 an apple and some granola. This is a frequent lunch at work and does really well at filling me up until I get home! To drink I had a pint of orange squash and diet lemonade. (sorry for the picture quality, this is what happens when you have to sneak a picture!)

Snack 6pm
A tesco chocolate mousse. I tend to snack when I get in from work quite badly, but I was later home than normal so this was all I had. Oh, and a cup of tea! (both of which I forgot to picture!)

Dinner 7:45pm
I managed to convince my parents not to have fish and chips for dinner (I really have to be in the mood for them!!) but we did have curry instead! Were blaming this on the fact I leave on Sunday, and its my favourite takeaway, so its my weekend treat! I tried to keep the calories down, so had a small chicken tikka starter, pilau rice, 2 chapatis and some of their mint sauce. I’m hoping this is my only indulging meal of the weekend! (were all allowed treats!)

Dessert/Supper 9:30pm
I had another tesco chocolate mousse, which I again forgot to picture, and a glass of milk.

Thats all I had today, what did you guys eat today?!