The beginning of the end

Dramatic much?!

So, as a third year university student a lot of things are starting to change for me. Although we do not like to talk about ‘the end’ in reality I only have 3 months until I finish uni, and 4 until I move back home. How did it come round so quick?!

The last few months have seen me getting very stressed, leading my illnesses to flair up on occasion and the odd breakdown to start appearing again, however they have also seen me socialise more, prepare for the future and make the most of my ‘teenager’ time (despite the fact I am actually now 20!).

I have been at home this week, and moving back into my old bedroom – the big bedroom – again had really made the reality of this year sink in, in 4 and a half months I will be living at home again and be working, both full time. I will be an adult.

This is really scary for me to think about, as I’m sure it is for many third year students, but with the fear comes all the excitement for starting a new chapter in my life. I am starting this chapter as a new person, with new experiences and new people by my side to go through it with me. I always thought university would be the biggest thing I ever did, I am now starting to realise becoming an adult will be!

This may be a bit heavy for a friday night post, but I just wanted to let you know where I stand right now. I know I am not blogging as much as I said I would, but here is my reason why. Hopefully that starts to change soon and I can post much more!

Hannah xxx

p.s, what is scaring and exciting you guys right now?!

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